Top tech in the home: 8 tech, gadgets and devices that all luxury homes should have

The main roles of technology, and the gadgets and devices we use, is ultimately there to make our day-to-day lives easier and so it’s no surprise that our homes are filling up with an array of modern tools to free up our time for other endeavours.

In addition to the typical appliances that all standard homes will likely contain, we take a look at some of the tech items that have found their way into luxury abodes in recent years. If you’re looking to upgrade your home with some handy tech, you might want to look here first.

living-room with the classic furniture. 3D render. Interior with TV set.
Elevate your home interiors with a luxury television


It goes without saying that every home will hold a television, even the most well-read people will have a TV somewhere so that they can keep up to date with news or settle down with a movie once in a while. Those of us who rely on televisions on a daily basis for a large portion of our entertainment will have at least one, with another one or two finding their way into bedrooms or the kitchen.

In a luxury home you may find a television neatly disguised into what looks like a landscape painting, perhaps there will be a surprise screen in the bathroom at the foot of the bath for long soaks, and those with a love of movies will most certainly have a large screen in a dedicated home cinema.


Home speakers have seen something of a resurgence in recent years with many of our hobbies centred around being able to access varying forms of entertainment in an instant. Whether you enjoy listening to the radio, music, podcasts, guided meditation or something else, there is always a need for a set of speakers to enable you to enjoy your interests. Lavish versions include artful creations like the customisable Beoplay A9 by Bang and Olufsen, while slimline speakers that can be tucked away within the décor are also popular choices for luxury homes.

coffee machine
When it comes to shopping for coffee machines, the brands with the highest ratings and reviews are Nespresso, Tassimo, Lavazza and DeLonghi

Coffee machine

Plenty of coffee lovers will have purchased themselves a coffee machine by now, but if you’re a real aficionado, then you’re more likely to splurge on a machine that gives you barista worthy coffee every time. For the very best, you’ll be looking at spending upwards of £500 or even £1,000 plus, but it’ll be worth it, especially if you can link it up to your phone and start your brew before you’ve even left your bed in the mornings.


Luxury properties with lavish cars need to be protected and one way to deter would-be burglars, while also keeping an eye on the outside of your property, is to install CCTV. All luxury properties should have a robust security system for their home to ensure they feel safe from intruders and while it won’t guarantee a crime-free home, it certainly adds a layer of protection.

Modern interior design of cozy apartment
Create the perfect ambiance at home with a state-of-the-art motorised curtain

Remote-controlled curtains

There are plenty of little luxuries that can be found within the home that will up the elegance factor and one of our favourites is remote-controlled curtains. Sitting in bed in the morning and welcoming the light of the day into the room at the click of a button, and without having to move, is a sure-fire way to start your day off well. Even better if your coffee is already brewing!

Robot cleaners

Imagine coming home from a long day out of the house and being greeted with clean floors and clean windows without having to lift a finger, that is providing you don’t already hire a regular cleaner, of course! If you want to feel like you’ve done a bit of the work yourself or you feel that your home needs a spruce up in between cleans, opt for robot cleaners to work their magic so you don’t have to.

home gym
The best home gym equipment can help you get fit faster than doing sit-ups all day in your living room

Smart heating

Staying out for longer than expected? Coming home from holiday in winter and you need your home to be warm for your arrival? This is where smart heating controls really come into their own, and plenty of luxury properties these days utilise this technology. Controlled from your smartphone, you can turn your heating on, off and adjust the temperature from just about anywhere.

Exercise equipment

The fitness industry is booming at the moment and home gyms are fast becoming a must have in the homes of those who want to keep up their fitness levels up without having to travel far to do so. From treadmills and exercise bikes with screens so that you can connect to a personal trainer to smart workout machines that aim to redefine resistance training and more, there’s plenty to encourage fitness enthusiasts to train with relative ease.


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