The 5 Best Smart Home Devices and Gadgets

Wake up folks! It’s 2023! You don’t need us to tell you that technology has been more advanced than it’s ever been. If we can have “breezy”, super-compact ice cream machines and Gameboy lookalikes (that come with over 5,000 games pre-loaded), we are not surprised to see how far household gadgets have come. 

Admittedly, society hasn’t reached the dystopic utopic heights promised in Disney’s Smart House, but there’s a staggering amount of gear that can turn your regular regular dwelling into a highly functional home. Sure, we could go into well-known, recognizable items like the Google Nest or Amazon’s Ring (but you’ve probably already got an opinion on home tech like that). We bet you’ve never heard of a trash can that bag its own trash, right??? Evolution is truly beautiful. If that doesn’t make your life easier, we promise at least one of these under-the-radar smart home devices will. 

EPLO Smart Toilet

Forget bidets, this EPLO Smart Toilet includes a built-in bidet! Other features include a heated seat, nightlight, deodorization, dryer, auto flush, and remote control for a fancy bathroom experience. Don’t worry, the water won’t miss your tuchus—it has an adjustable sprayer that can hit your front and rear for powerful cleansing. There’s also a foot-sensing flusher! So tech-savvy. 

$799.99 at Amazon

Litter-Robot 4

Never scoop cat poop again! The Litter-Robot 4 quietly sifts cat waste out of this futuristic litter box, automatically separating the dirty litter from the clean.. There’s also an OdorTrap System that neutralizes odor thanks to a sealed waste drawer and carbon filter. Even if you’ve got a big feline family, this self-cleaning litter box can accommodate up to four cats! It has a 4.2-star average and over 3,400 customer reviews on its website. “This litterbox saved my marriage.” Who knew a litter box could help lower the divorce rate?

$699 at Litter Robot

Revolution InstaGLO R180 Toaster

No slice of organic sourdough should be served at anything less than its peak. This Revolution InstaGLO toaster uses its eponymous heating system  to reach full heat within seconds, searing  bread without drying it out. It features five food settings (bread, English muffin, bagel, waffle, and toaster pastry); three toasting modes (fresh, frozen, reheat); and seven levels of brownness. Also, expect a countdown timer, a removable crumb tray, a built-in clock, and a temperature sensor that adjusts itself—all controlled by an adjustable digital screen. 

$349.95 at Revolution Cooking

$349.95 at Revolution Cooking

TOWNEW T Air X Smart Trash Can

We had no idea our trash can could go digital until we ran into this option from TOWNEW. This 3.5-gallon bin has thermoplastic sealing technology to enclose waste (meaning you won’t be halfway out of your kitchen before you realize you’ve left a puddle of [redacted] all over your floor). Once emptied, this can automatically replaces its trash bag. Oh, and did we mention the lid opens immediately via a built-in motion sensor?

$139$119 at Amazon

Hai Smart Shower Head

Being a tree hugger is easy with this shower head by Hai, which tracks your water usage and temperature through an app. Indulge in a “steamy fine mist” or a “high-pressure stream” along with six different LED lights to choose from for a customizable spa-like experience. It also mounts on the wall for easy installation.

$199 at Amazon

Hey Pat, how about activing some kick-butt video screens?

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