Technological gadgets: a complement to modern life

Currently, more and more technological terms are being used because the digital era has incorporated a distinctive language and ways of interacting with technology that different generations use in a particular way. For example, gadgets, those products or devices on the market that generally incorporate more developed technologies to everyday life, are becoming increasingly popular.

For example, those known as Silent Generation, BabyBoomers and Generation X, mostly consume content through television, while younger generation rely on their smartphones when consuming content. If you want to know what generation you fit best based on your technology usage, try this technological quiz and find out.

There are many tech gadgets that have an impact on the market today, regardless of generations; especially for their innovative design and because they are a good complement to achieve greater productivity and organization in everyday life.

On the list of best-selling gadgets during 2022 is the Amazon Astro, a domestic robot with camera, tablet, and Alexa that allows you to control anything in your home virtually. The periscope camera extends 42 inches from the floor, showing a live view of activity.

This sort of tablet on wheels stirred controversy, as some sources in the development project have commented that “people detection is unreliable, making for an ineffective home security proposition.” Amazon defends the robot, very popular in sales, which today has layers of security and privacy to protect your data.

Also worth mentioning is a curious gadget that has revolutionized the market: the Freestyles, portable projector, which features first-of-its-kind technology to provide optimal viewing for those looking to take audio and video content wherever they go.

During its launch, Samsung highlighted the combination of the functions of projector, smart speaker and ambient lighting equipment. 

Negative opinions have referred to the autofocus and keystone correction being less than perfect, the lack of 550 lumens of brightness, and that no controls were designed into the body.

Another popular product this year is the Apple iPad Pro, a tablet that is almost a laptop computer. It features Apple’s M1 chip that takes performance to another level, and a TrueDepth camera system with ultra wide-angle and centered framing; plus the possibility of 5G connectivity for ultra-fast downloads and high-quality streaming. It comes in two sizes, an 11-inch model and a larger 12.9-inch version. As a negative point, we’ll mention its size, which does not allow it to be used in the same way as a smaller tablet.

Added to the list of today’s most coveted tech gadgets is the Instinct 2S smartwatch, which has a more resistant design – up to 100 meters underwater, different integrated sports apps, smart notifications to stay connected at all times, and access to multiple global satellite navigation systems. Recommendations for improving the product are focused on the display, which remains small.

And another gadget of interest in recent months has been the Amazon Echo speaker, compatible with a multitude of audio formats, with a powerful and refined sound, and allowing to take full advantage of voice controls with Alexa. However, some on the networks complain that it is quite large and heavy.

These innovations, which are renewed in short periods of time, illustrate how customers’ interest in gadgets in general, things that improve different aspects of everyday life, such as housework, security and even hobbies, is kept awake.



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