Tech Up, Canada! Don’t Miss Prime Day Gadget Deals Tech

Have you been saving up for the right time to buy a new laptop, smart television, or a fun new gadget for the kids? We’ve got good news! Prime Day is right around the corner, and we’ve made it our mission to scout out the best deals. The electronics section (let’s be honest: your favorite section) is already full of early discounts, up to 50% off! Seriously, there are some amazing deals going on right now.

From coveted podcast-quality microphone kits and noise-cancelling headphones, to fun RGB light strips and foot massagers, we’ve put together a thorough list of the best electronics deals Amazon has to offer. Only the best items and deals made this list! You can read all the specs below and bargain hunt to your heart’s content. Just don’t wait too long — grab your favorites before they’re gone!

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

Grab This BBQ Grill Light for Your Dad

  via Amazon  

Have you ever tried grilling in the dark? You’ll be lucky if you don’t burn yourself or accidentally break something! And no, your friend’s cell phone flashlight doesn’t count as adequate light. These magnetic, adjustable LED lights are the perfect gift for the BBQer in your life, and they cost less than $30 right now. Just throw some AAA batteries in, attach them to the grill, and enjoy bright lighting while you cook.

Chromecast is Just What Your Airbnb Needs

chromecast and remote
  via Amazon  

Sick of fighting with a new smart television every time you book a vacation rental? Tired of watching your favourite streamer on a tiny cell phone screen? Chromecast will solve both problems for you. It works with all of your favourite apps like Twitch, YouTube, and ESPN — all of which you can control from your phone. All you need to use it is WiFi, a Google account, and a television you can plug into with an HDMI cable.

Train with Confidence Using a Fitbit

  via Amazon  

This brand-official fitness and health tracker is a great pick for retirees, gym-goers, and pretty much anyone who wants to track their heart rate. Beyond blood pressure, the Fitbit also measures your skin temperature, spo2 level, and can show you where you’ve been during the day with the built-in GPS feature.

A Portable Phone Charger for On-the-go

phone power bank
  via Amazon  

Buyers swear by this universal power bank. It’s definitely a must-have for emergencies. Its 20,000mAh cell capacity gives it extra charging power, enough to charge more than one device at once! Bonus: it’s compatible with both Android and Apple phones!

Noise-Cancelling Earbuds are Perfect for the Office

noise cancelling earbuds
  via Amazon  

When five of your coworkers are on sales calls, but you work in data, it can be kinda hard to focus, right? Even when it’s quiet, sometimes even that background electric hum can be aggravating too. That’s where these noise-cancelling earbuds come in. They come with a sturdy travel case, four built-in microphones for clear hands-free calls, 40 hours of battery life, and a sweat-resistant build.

Stay Cool with a Sleek Neck Fan

neck fan
  via Amazon  

Every friend group and family has at least one person who’s always too warm. If that’s you, you absolutely need to grab this neck fan. Right now, it’s on sale for $22! Just think of how many sweat stains you’ll avoid, and how much your super cold coworkers will appreciate you for not cranking the thermostat down to every morning. A win is a win!

Grab This MacBook Air While It’s on Sale!

2020 MacBook Air
  via Amazon  

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy a laptop, now’s the time to act. Apple fans: This 2020 MacBook Air Laptop is currently on sale for 15% off! It boasts 18 hours of battery life, a slim 13.3″ display, an 8-core CPU, and 8GB of RAM. You can also customize your storage size, language preference, and colour.

Keep Your Home Safe with This Smart Home Security Camera

home security camera
  via Amazon  

Planning on renting out your apartment or house this summer? You’ll definitely want some kind of security camera system in place, to “catch any shenanigans happening in your living space” (per The Reviewer). This camera is built to work with Alexa or Google, and it even comes with night vision! The best part is, you don’t need to sign up for a monthly subscription to set up a whole camera network or check them on the go.

The Black Model of This RoboVac is a Steal Right Now!

robot vacuum
  via Amazon  

Give yourself the gift of free time! While the RoboVac takes care of those allergy-inducing dust bunnies and crumbs, you can enjoy a fresh margarita by the pool or read your favourite book in your bean bag chair. It’s only 2.85″ tall, so it will fit easily under most coffee tables, sofas, and entertainment centers. It even works on carpet!

Breathe Easy at Night with This Air Purifier

air purifier
  via Amazon  

Is anyone else dealing with a chronically stuffy nose at night, or is it just me? Thankfully, an air purifier seemed to do the trick for me. For only $60, you can enjoy clean-smelling and clear airways – no more airborne dust, pollen, smoke, or mould spores to ruin your peaceful sleep.

Host Cozy Movie Nights Outside with This Mini Projector

mini projector
  via Amazon  

Have you ever been to a drive-in theatre? One of these mini projectors will get you halfway there, and you can use it in your backyard! It’s a cheaper alternative to a flat screen, and much more portable. This model can display up to 1080p resolution and offers several different options for connecting it to your phone.

This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is Perfect for Summer Vacation

JBL Bluetooth speaker
  via Amazon  

Need a new Bluetooth speaker for your summer adventures? According to buyers, this is the one to buy. The JBL Flip Essential is a little pricier than your average Bluetooth speaker, but well worth it. This portable speaker boasts an impressive 4.7-star review! Buyers love it for its IPX7 waterproof rating, whopping 10 hours of playtime, and top-notch sound quality.

Upgrade Your Porch Light to These Solar Motion Sensor Lights

solar motion sensor lights
  via Amazon  

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor lighting setup, you’re going to want to add these to your cart. Because they’re solar-powered, they’re completely self-sufficient – no wiring or drilling required! With an IP65 waterproof rating, these lights will endure all year long. Just stick them wherever you need a little extra light and enjoy!

You Need This Dashcam for the Daily Commute

  via Amazon  

Whether you’re braving rush hour in a big city, or hauling a truckload of groceries across the country every day, it’s likely you’ve seen some scary drivers on the road. It’s always good to be prepared for the worst, which is why you should grab this dash cam immediately. If you have the receipts, they can’t put all the blame on you!

A Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse for the Price of One? Yes, Please!

rgb keyboard and mouse
  via Amazon  

Prime Day is the perfect time to invest in your dream keyboard — or a budget-friendly version of your dream keyboard! This mechanical RGB keyboard set is only $42; it comes with all the must-haves like n-key rollover, a non-slip splash-proof design, adjustable backlighting, and a sleek 6400 dpi mouse.

Get Started Streaming with This Webcam – Now 50% off!

  via Amazon  

Despite what ads and influencers say on social media, you do not need to start out with a fancy DSLR and $200 worth of professional lights to do well as a streamer. Especially if you’re planning to stream games, this 1080p/30fps camera is more than good enough for Twitch or YouTube. Bonus: It comes with an omnidirectional mic (with built-in noise reduction) and a lens cover to ensure privacy.

A Mini Fan for Your Work-from-Home Setup

mini pink fan
  via Amazon  

When you’re too broke to replace the ancient AC unit on the roof that the previous owners conveniently neglected to repair, but you live in an area that regularly reaches 37 degrees C during the summer, your only recourse is a nice fan. This mini one is the perfect size for your desk and will keep you cool while you work remotely. Yes, it does come in pink.

A Budget-Friendly Waterproof Phone Case for Outdoor Adventures

waterproof phone pouch
  via Amazon  

No fancy waterproof phone? No problem! These convenient airtight phone holders can turn any tech into a waterproof device. Each one is IPX8 certified and compatible with phones up to 7 inches long. Because the pouch material is thin, you can even text or scroll when your phone is inside. Pretty cool, right? Especially for $15!

Rechargeable LED Flashlight Gloves for Your Next Project

flashlight gloves
  via Amazon  

Now you, too, can look like Tom Cruise in Minority Report! Seriously, these light-up gloves are super cool and useful. Mechanics, engineers, and crafters will especially love this hands-free flashlight. Buyer Gotta Have It said, “I really wish I had these when I had a flashlight sticking out of [my] mouth trying to hold it with my teeth.”

Secure Your Home with This Smart Door Lock

smart door lock
  via Amazon  

It’s time to level up your regular door knob to a keypad door lock! The Smart Lock will keep would-be thieves and intruders out while giving you some extra options to get inside. Easily use your fingerprint, the app, an IC card, or a passcode to unlock it!

Shoppers are in Love with This Heated Foot Massager

foot massager
  via Amazon  

If you live for taking your shoes off and kicking your feet up after a long day of standing, you’ll fall in love with this foot massager. It comes with three different message settings and three levels of intensity, so you can adjust it to your liking. Buy this for the busy mom, nurse, retail worker, or manual labourer in your life!

Get This Switch Pro Controller While It’s on Sale!

  via Amazon  

You spend $70 on Tears of the Kingdom — what’s $77 more for a better playing experience? Props to you for sticking it out with the joy-cons, but a brighter future awaits you! Buyers have dubbed it a “near perfect controller with no drift,” putting it at the top of our wishlist for gamer gear. Bonus: it comes with a matching charging dock!

Now’s a Good Time to Grab This Microphone Kit

microphone kit
  via Amazon  

Whether you started making ASMR TikToks on a whim, or you’ve been planning a podcast for a long time, it can be expensive to create your dream setup. This kit includes everything you need to get started with quality audio without breaking the bank: a condenser microphone with a professional sound chip set, a sturdy boom arm, a pop filter, and a few extra accessories.

You Won’t Find a Better Deal on This 65″ 4K Smart TV

  via Amazon  

Ready to buy THE BIG ONE? Now’s your chance to get one for less! This Amazon Fire TV would normally cost you around $1,000, but right now you can bring it home for as little as $769.99! Enjoy bonus features like: colour-enhancing HDR and Dolby Vision; voice activation with Alexa; 4K resolution.

Gift This Electric Bike Lock Set to Your College Teen

  via Amazon  

This is a must-have for mountain bikers, college students, and anyone else who doesn’t want to leave their daily transportation to chance. Via Velo specializes in making bike locks, and they have thousands of glowing reviews to prove their success. This lock set comes with two weatherproof heavy-duty locks, extra keys, and an extra long 6ft. cable.

Print Photos from Anywhere with the HP Sprocket

  via Amazon  

How cute is this little handheld printer? Though it will cost you roughly the same as a classic Fujifilm Instax, this little wireless printer is a step above. You can connect it to multiple phones via Bluetooth, use the Sprocket app to edit your favourite photos, and print pictures that are ready to stick on the wall (thanks to the included stick-and-peel paper).

A Cute Kitty Night Light for Your Desk or Nursery

  via Amazon  

Looking for a cozy night light or a cute Kawaii accessory for your desk? This adorable silicone kitty is soft to the touch, lights up with seven different colour choices, and can be used with AAA batteries, so you can set it up anywhere you want! The cover is washable, so you don’t need to worry about leaving it with your toddler.

Perfect Your PS5 Setup with This Cooling Console Stand

  via Amazon  

Summertime gaming can be an uphill battle if your AC is broken. You sunk hundreds into your shiny new PS5 — the last thing you need is it overheating and dying in the middle of your game night with the boys. Fortunately, OIVO is having a sale on a special cooling dock, which utilizes an extra fan to pull hot air away from the console. Bonus: it comes with two controller charging stations!

Add a Light-up Outlet Extender to Every Room!

  via Amazon  

Hate struggling in the dark or behind your desk to reach the wall socket? It seems like an impossible task, but thanks to this light-up outlet extender, you’re life will be much easier from now on. The light automatically turns on when the lighting becomes dim or dark, making it the perfect bedside accessory. It also includes one USB-C port and three USB outlets.

Two Colourful Electric Lighters = One for You, One for Your BFF

  via Amazon  

Rechargeable plasma lighters are the best! You don’t need to rely on butane for fuel, which means an endless supply of fire when you need it. They’re also a safer buy because they use spark instead of flame to ignite. This model also comes with a child safety lock and a 180-day guarantee, in case you need to return it.

Apple Users, Get Yourself This All-in-One Wireless Charging Station

  via Amazon  

This sleek charging dock is for the girl bosses and organized techies! Charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods ALL at the same time. With its foldable design, you can easily take it to the office or on your next trip. It also comes with over-voltage and over-temperature protection, so you can rest assured your collection won’t be damaged by another unknown, off-brand buy.

You Won’t Want to Miss This Deal on Ring Video Doorbells

  via Amazon  

That’s right: the famous Ring doorbell is now 46% off! If you can only afford to buy one home security item, this is definitely the one to get. When used together with the Ring app, this camera doorbell will help you keep an eye on your home from afar. Thanks to Prime Day, you’re only $69 away from securing your front door from porch pirates and uninvited guests!

Keep Power Bills Low with the Google Nest Thermostat

  via Amazon  

This is Amazon Canada’s best seller in the smart thermostat category, and it’s easy to see why. Check out its modern, touch-screen style frame! The Google Nest is designed with energy efficiency in mind; when you leave home, it turns the heater or AC down to waste less energy. You can also set a daily schedule using your phone!

Transform Your Space with Colour-Changing Lights

  via Amazon  

LED strip lights are one of the easiest ways to transform a boring space into a party room, and the 140,000+ reviewers who bought this product agree with us! Shoppers love this product for being easy to install, easy to use, fun for all ages, and reasonably priced. You can buy as much as you need; they sell 32ft., 50ft., 65ft., and 100 ft. long strips.

Track Down Missing Valuables with This Handy Key Finder

  via Amazon  

This unique gadget is one of the most practical items on this list. If you’re always losing your keys, add this to your cart. All you need to do is attach one of the coloured receiver tags to each frequently missing item (we know you have more than one). Next time you lose it, you can simply use the remote to find it again! Wow, what an anxiety reducer…

Save Time Inflating Air Mattresses and Floaties with an Electric Pump

  via Amazon  

Summer vacation means family camping trips and relaxing pool days. Instead of fighting to stay conscious while you mouth-inflate your beach balls, inner tubes, and air mattresses, you can inflate them instantly with a portable air pump. This model comes with three different fittings and two power options, battery or plug-in, which makes it easy to use anywhere.

Grab a White Noise Machine for Travel or Dorm Living

  via Amazon  

It may not make as cute of a night light as the little kitty light we listed earlier, but we think you’ll love the white noise feature! With over 30 unique looping sounds, 12 light colours, and 10 brightness levels to choose from, each light sleeper should be able to find something that soothes them. “If you are on BiPAP therapy like I am and feel you need something extra to help you sleep more soundly or to feel more relaxed, try this machine,” recommended buyer Leslie.

Heat Any Beverage with This Mug Warmer

  via Amazon  

A lot of the mug warmers on Amazon ONLY work with a designated mug or mugs of a certain size. This baby works with glasses, stainless steel cups, ceramic mugs — pretty much any heat-proof container you have! Its universal design also makes it useful for melting butter or reheating cold food.

Liven Up the Party with a Budget-Friendly Custom Neon Sign

  via Amazon  

Everyone needs their own neon sign in 2023, especially streamers and small businesses! A pop of colour sticks out and can help potential customers reach your website or pop-up store. These also make great, budget-friendly decorations for offices, weddings, and food trucks. Personalize the font, colour, and size!

Cook a Perfectly Toasty Marshmallow with This Electric S’mores Maker

  via Amazon  

This marshmallow toaster calls for Disney movies and a pillow fort! It’s the perfect way to enjoy the fun parts of camping without the fire danger (or the bears). Plus, because it doesn’t use actual fire, it’s apartment-safe and kid-safe. This kit comes with dishwasher-safe utensils and conveniently sized cubbies for all the usual s’mores ingredients.

Charge Your iPhone on the Airplane with This Mini Power Bank

  via Amazon  

This cute, clutch-sized cell phone charger is a travel must-have! The 3350mAh battery capacity holds roughly one charger per use. Its sleek design fits right in with Apple aesthetics and takes up about as much space as a tube of lipstick — pretty convenient! It comes in Pink, White, Light Blue, and Black.

Give the Gift of Nostalgia with This Retro Game Console

  via Amazon  

If you grew up with a Nintendo NES or a Gameboy, you need this! This tiny television comes with a whopping 308 classic games that will throw you right back to childhood. If you want to enjoy these 8-bit video games on the big screen, this item also comes with AV cable.

Need a Printer? This HP Laserjet Printer is 46% Off!

  via Amazon  

When your landlord or new job doesn’t offer DocuSign, you’ll need to have one of these handy. This one is our top pick because it comes with six months of free toner, it can handle double-sided printing, it’s WiFi enabled, and it’s nearly HALF off!

Some Cute, Stylish Headphones for Back to School

  via Amazon  

Five Below and Walmart are usually the go-tos for affordable headphones, but do you know how fast those $5 headphones break? Rather than waste time running back and forth to the store every month to replace the same pair of headphones for your teen, why not invest in slightly better quality ones that last? This colourful two-pack is a steal — and you can get $7 off the total with a coupon too!

A Soothing Aurora Light Projector for Deep Meditation

  via Amazon  

Who doesn’t want their room to look like a magical night sky? This is a fun purchase for adults and kids alike. Enjoy 14 different colour combinations, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and six relaxing white noise audios. It’s perfect for drifting off to sleep or meditating!

Show off These Glowing Orbs at Your Next House Party

  via Amazon  

If you’re not sure how to decorate for your summer party, or you’re getting a head start on Halloween, these light-up balls are the way to go. They even have an IP68 waterproof rating, so they’re safe to use near the pool (or cauldron). Each one offers 17 different RGBW colours, which you can change easily with the included remote.

This Mysterious Mosquito Repellent Device Does the Trick

  via Amazon  

Technology is here to save the day! It’s hard to believe this tiny device can ward off mosquitos as well as a spray or citronella candles, but buyers say it really works. When fully charged, the Thermacell creates a 20ft. bubble of protection; each cartridge lasts up to 40 hours, which is more than enough for several barbecues. No smell, no sticky spray, just bug-free air — that’s what we call a cookout lifesaver!

Grab This Portable Fridge for Your Next Road Trip

  via Amazon  

Planning to go off-grid this summer? Take one of these car coolers with you! This 25-quart capacity fridge is perfect for your RV, boat, or camping van. It cools extra quickly, you can control it easily with your phone, and it even comes with a 2-year warranty!

Grab a WiFi Extender If You Don’t Have One Already!

  via Amazon  

Country living is nice, but sometimes the WiFi is a bit sketchy. Rather than settle for a stuttering, buffering stream, you can install a few of these bad boys instead! Each WiFi extender boosts the signal up to 2800 ft. and can handle as many as 35 different devices at once.

Level Up Your Gaming Setup with a Light-Up Xbox Controller Charging Station

  via Amazon  

This charging station is 30% off right now! Built with fast-charging tech, your controllers will reach full charge in 2.5 hours. If you’re a marathon gamer, you should always keep two controllers at home: one for playing and one for backup. You DON’T want to be caught in the middle of a battle without one!


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