Tech and gadgets for trekking and hiking

Connecting back with nature is something all of us need to do every once in a while. And, that often means taking a break from the never-ending tech devices and social media sites we are constantly on. However, there are some essential gadgets that could actually make your adventurous getaway a little more pleasant. 

What’s in your backpack?

Make sure you pick a backpack that’s light to carry, and is built to be water-proof in case of a sudden shower or those tricky river crossings. While Wildcraft, Quechua and the likes have a whole range of options, you also might want to check out something like the SARRVAD Solar Backpack. The backpack is designed with an inbuilt solar panel and a USB port so you can keep your devices charged as you hike. So, as long as you have a sunny day, you can be sure not to run out of juice on your smartphone or camera. The backpack is built with weather-proof canvas so your devices and other contents stay protected, leaving you to enjoy your journey through the mountains. Priced at Rs 6,000 onwards there’s a couple of different solar-powered options you can find on their company website. 

In case you’re hiking or trekking by yourself, make sure to carry along a water-proof torch that can double up as an emergency beacon as well. To keep yourself warm through chilly nights, invest in the niftily packaged heat pouches like the Warmee Body Warmers.

You can activate the heat by opening the package, shaking up the contents for about a minute, and then tucking it in your fleece or down jacket to keep yourself warm for the next 12 hours. Available in packs of five, the body warmers are currently priced at Rs 499 on Amazon and Flipkart. 

Track your journey

Smartwatches, especially those built to withstand the outdoors, can be a great addition to your kit while heading out for a weekend in the wild. The Garmin Instinct Solar is one such smartwatch, that’s not just built rugged but also comes with  Power Glass solar-charging lens, which according to the company can offer you more than 50 days of functionality outdoors, with sufficient solar exposure.

The Instinct Solar GPS tracking helps you stay on track while outdoors and retails for Rs 41,490 at the moment. It also comes with multiple different sports modes including running, cycling, swimming, climbing, skiing, rowing, weightlifting and yoga so you can use those to train up to a long trek as well. 

If you’re already a part of the Apple ecosystem you could consider taking along your Apple Watch Series 7 for the occasional easy hike, a couple of hours outside of town. While the bright, colourful display would really stand out among the more rugged looking, usually-black smartwatches, you need to keep in mind that the glass screen could be easily scratched or cracked in case of impact. The smartwatch is available starting Rs 39,900 onwards. 

Stay powered throughout

To make sure your gadgets stay charged, while you recharge amidst nature, it’s always a good idea to carry a power bank along. If you’re on a teahouse trek, you’ll have quaint local guesthouses where you can charge your devices, including the power bank itself. However, if a makeshift tent is your home for the night, these power banks might come handy. 

Xiaomi’s Mi Power Bank 3i comes with a whopping 20,000 mAh charging capacity and three ports so you can charge your tech in a jiffy. This version costs Rs 1,899, however, if you’re out for a shorter getaway you can consider the other version which offers 10,000 mAh capacity for Rs 999.

If added weight is something you’re concerned about, you could consider the Portronics Power G 10K, which weighs just about 250 grams. With a 10,000 mAh battery, this power bank also protects your devices in case of a short circuit, according to the manufacturers.

One for the memories

What’s in a journey if you don’t have a few memories captured to look back on? While almost all of us now exclusively use smartphones to take pictures, here are a couple of gadgets that are designed to be your travel and adventure companions. The GoPro Hero 9 comes with a 20-megapixel sensor, making for images with great clarity. With the proprietary HyperSmooth 3.0 technology, the GoPro offers some of the best-in-class image stabilisation, thus making sure your videos off-roading, cycling or walking along a ridgetop make for shake-free, stunning visuals.  It’s being retailed through Croma and Amazon India for Rs 36,750 onwards.

Touted as the world’s smallest action cam, the Insta360 Go 2 Action comes in a tiny charging case that doubles up as a tripod and a controller, letting you shoot video and still from almost 10 metres away. Equipped with a 9-megapixel camera, it offers features like slow-motion, hyperlapse, and auto editing of your footage and is priced at Rs 27,990 onwards.

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May 12, 2022


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