Make sure the property you are buying is future-ready with these 5 tips

Home is our space of comfort and well-being, and an efficient, functional home is the basis of smooth functioning in every area of life. Modern living is impossible to imagine without technology and the technologies available for the smooth running of a house and everything around it. The technology available for supporting a residence is going through rapid changes as new gadgets arrive every day. This also means that with time, the demand for electrical connectivity and wiring systems would rise. So, if you are buying a flat now, here are some checkpoints to see that the property is future-ready. D Kishore Reddy, Founder and CMD, Mana Projects shared some insights with Business Today. 

Check your property for sustainability and energy efficiency  
Homeowners must ensure that their homes are energy-efficient in order to be future-ready. Energy and money are squandered if the power generated by the residence is not used efficiently. Choose a property where the real estate developers are building properties that are energy efficient, like, huge openings for natural light, correct placement of fenestrations for proper air ventilation and sustainable construction materials will help you limit how much electricity you use with your air conditioners and water heaters, which are the main users of energy. Furthermore, building a rainwater collection system, solar panels, or water-saving products will enhance your electricity and money savings. 
Implement smart home technology with advanced features 
Choosing a home that offers smart home technology is an ideal solution. This network of devices and appliances provides total control over the aspects such as lighting, security, temperature, audio and video. By connecting to high-speed internet, homeowners can control these functions through their smartphone or tablet. With one integrated device, it’s possible to attain an unparalleled level of convenience and sophistication as now real estate developers are offering plug-n-play zones or co-workspaces, which makes a property smart and future-ready. Also keep surveillance in mind while preparing your home for the future. 

Look for supportive, spacious neighbourhoods  
While searching for a property, it’s important to consider the location. Look for homes located in neighbourhoods with feasible transport roads and well-ranked schools, hospitals, tech parks, and retail stores, as well as opportunities for community involvement. As urban sprawl continues, plans must be made to design parks and green spaces, manage housing services and production, consider logistics of everyday needs, and much more – all of which will be pertinent to a well-built neighbourhood that can absorb future growth and expansion. Integrated community living works best.
Flexibility and conversion of spaces  
With time, the demand on your space too is likely to change as your family grows and expands. Choose your stay in flexible living spaces and interiors to accommodate the family’s growing needs. When we say flexible, it literally means convertible spaces as you can transform your bedroom into a work area if you’re working from home or your drawing room into a party area just by pushing the flexible walls to create spaces as per your needs. 
Integrated community living 
Choose to stay in an integrated community where everything is in close proximity to society with more state-of-the-art amenities to spend quality time with your family. A good home provides access to leisure and fun activities like a clubhouse, cafeteria, gymnasium, children’s play area, and more. Look for a home by Mana that allows for all these luxurious amenities in one integrated community. 


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