Long-running tech firm is finding new life for old gadgets as it focuses on sustainability

Gadgets including mobile phones, laptops and tablets are a common feature in our homes and workplaces to schools and public places.

With this in mind, North West tech firm MCC Digital is not only passionate about providing new products but has also turned its attention to stopping them from being thrown away. The company specialises in supplying Apple technology to the business, education and public sectors, and has an increasing focus on sustainability as it enters its 41st year of trading.

Dominic Crawford, an MCC Digital director who first became involved with the company 30 years ago, explained: “We offer trade-ins where people can bring their old phones, laptops and iPads in return for a discount on a new item. Something might be around five or six years old, but it’s likely still usable – we dispose of anything that can’t be used.

“There’s a growing secondhand refurbishing market and one of the goals in our mission statement is to be greener, so this is something we’re passionate about.

“We’re an Apple dealer and we sell and repair Apple products such as phones, computers and iPads. We work with small and medium enterprises as well as educational institutions, and we also offer personal purchases. We deal with customers right across the country.”

MCC Digital is a specialist Apple dealer
MCC Digital is a specialist Apple dealer

Making changes for a more positive impact on the environment is not the first time MCC Digital has had to adapt and expand its operations for reasons which go way beyond the business. During the pandemic, the Newton-le-Willows based company helped to supply a range of businesses and organisations with the devices needed to quickly switch to home working.

MCC Digital’s hybrid working bundles still remain popular as employers continue to adjust to more flexible ways of working on a long term basis. The packages include a range of Apple products that can assist with keeping people connected while they’re working remotely.

Dominic said: “When Covid first hit, lots of organisations realised they didn’t have the correct equipment to supplement home working and learning. So while we experienced increased demand then, most of those customers have carried on with their commitment to the technology after seeing its benefits in their businesses.”

MCC Digital is looking to the future with plans for continued growth, and is creating new jobs in the area to help reach its goals. It’s currently recruiting to expand its team of account managers, who will play a part in ensuring the company can keep adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the technology sector and the digital needs of businesses.

MCC Digital has helped businesses adjust to new ways of flexible working

Meanwhile MCC Digital, which has already grown from a workforce of around 12 staff when Dominic first joined three decades ago, to its current team of 30, demonstrates its dedication to development with a range of workshops, presentations and webinars throughout the year. The company is also preparing to host its first Business Technology Exhibition in 2022 at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium on July 14.

During the event, MCC Digital will highlight how Apple products can support companies in a variety of sectors, with the new Mac Studio and the Studio Display products also being showcased.

The exhibition is a chance for businesses to network and learn more about the ways that technology can support them and help them to increase their productivity. Delegates from a variety of sectors are encouraged to attend, with free tickets available from the MCC Digital.

To find out more about MCC Digital and the support it offers to businesses of all sizes, click here.


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