James Bond Gadgets and Their Real World Counterparts

Audiences look forward to the gadgets in the 007 films as much as they do James James Bond the character. From the watches capable of locating “M” in any corner of the world to his signature cars which are the epitome of luxury, these tech devices often seemed out of public reach. The notion of touchscreen computers appeared so futuristic when they first showed up onscreen, some probably never saw a need for them. Microchips, flat screens, and talking into watches were at the bottom of the list of “Things I Need,” but at the top of “Fun to Have.”

For many years his gadgets represented the unattainable, which made them more desirable. Today, many of the Bond gadgets are in-store ready. Co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends can be seen sporting a 007 agent apparatus or two, as many know that Bond gadgets exist in real life.

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7/7 Microchips

Casino Royale Bond
Sony Pictures Releasing

In Casino Royale, Bond, played by Craig, got a microchip inserted in him so that M16 could keep track of his whereabouts, particularly his dangerous ones. The chip allowed M16 to save his life after ingesting a near-fatal dose of poison. Microchips may not be very popular right now, but they are available. They have become useful, as pet owners insert chips in their pets to ensure their return should they be separated from their masters. BBC reports that a microchip was initially implanted into a human in 1998, but it is only during the past decade that the technology has been available for humans commercially.

6/7 Smartphones

Craig Bond Casino Royale 2006 MGM

Stop if you’re looking for Bond to carry an iPhone in a film. He’s never owned one. The Ericsson JB988 made its debut in Die Another Day and was exclusively made for that film and not released for sale.

But the public can swag out with Craig and the sleek Nokia 8.3 5G used in the latest Bond film No Time to Die. With this elegant and smart Nokia phone, Bond is seen, making phone calls to colleagues, taking photos of maps, and receiving locations from his superiors, all in the palm of his hand.

5/7 Palm Print-Enabled Pistol

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre
Sony Pictures

The audience is familiar with Bond’s close calls. The heart-palpitating and hairsplitting moments are most excruciating when the British spy’s gadgets are taken over by his nemesis. The Walther PPK is a double single-action 380 pistol, and thanks to the incomparable palm print-enabled Walther PPK, the gun could only be fired by Bond and not his enemy who attempted to use it against him. Making its appearance in Skyfall, this firearm is the deadliest on the list of Bond gadgets that exist for real.

4/7 The Attaché Case

Connery Bond From Russia With Love 1963 Eon
United Artists

No, it’s not a reach to mention the attaché case as a gadget. Yes, this case is meant for carrying important documents, but in the Connery days, his briefcase acted as a box of magic tricks — a gadget that held other gadgets. Bond’s attaché case usually consisted of knives, guns, and “tear gas masquerading as talcum powder.” This gadget isn’t exactly the coolest by itself, but the stash you put in it makes it impressive.

3/7 The Cars

Daniel Craig as James Bond with Aston Martin DB5
Sony Pictures

Bond’s Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig have solidified their cool status with keys to an Aston Martin. According to the dealership’s website, the DB11 model featured in the 007 films is equipped with climate control and leading infotainment technology. The interior is made of natural materials and structured with world-class craftsmanship.

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The DB5 first established itself in the James Bond film Goldfinger in 1964. Because of its popularity, the car appeared in six other Bond movies — Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale, Skyfall, and Spectre. Four models were featured in the 25th Bond film No Time to Die — the Valhalla, the DBS, the DB5, and the V8 Saloon. Admirers can take the DB11 V8 2dr Coupe home for $205,600.

2/7 The Underwater Cars

Lotus Esprit Under Water in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
United Artists

The Underwater Lotus Espirit floated its way into The Spy Who Loved Me. In 2014, the car landed on eBay for $1 million. If you don’t like the Espirit-styled car, there are other options, but if you’re searching for a cheaper version, the submarine car may not be for you. You might try the Nemo II, which is described as the “electric foiling yacht sports car for the water.” Most water rides are pricey and can cost around $2 million, with some of them reaching 75 miles per hour.

1/7 Spy Cameras

Eon Productions

In nearly every Bond film, the 007 agent uses the spy camera to get those damning photos to M. Today, spy cameras come in many forms — barrettes, buttons, pens, phones — and manufacturers are still inventing cameras disguised as household and everyday products, making it easier each year to become a novice mole.


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