IT Manager Job Description and Duties (JD) Template

A well-written IT manager job description will ensure that the right candidate is hired. This is why hiring managers are expected to put in the best work when writing one. To avoid the stress that comes with interviewing and filtering out the wrong candidates, you must write a description that attracts the right candidates and drives the wrong ones away. In this article, we’ll look at who an IT manager is, what to consider when writing a job description for an IT manager role, the format for writing one, and provide some templates for the job description.

Who is an IT manager?

An IT manager is a manager that oversees the entire job of the information and technology department. This manager is responsible for everything technology in an organization. They work through technology tools and gadgets to ensure that they are used by employees to the maximum. They are also responsible for organizing IT plans that will boost a company’s technology system. They compile lists of technology systems that companies can invest in.

IT Manager Job Description and Duties (JD) Template

What to Consider When Writing a Description for an IT Manager Role

An IT manager description can be written well when all needs of the role are met. However, there are certain factors to consider when writing one and they include:

    • The experience needed: Before you start writing a description for an IT manager role, you’ll need to consider the experience level needed. This could fall under entry-level, mid-level, or the most professional level. How many years of experience do you want the individual to have? Should they have hands-on experience or an entry-level candidate with a little experience is welcome to apply. This is one of the factors you need to consider before starting the description.
    • The manager type: Another important factor to consider is the specific need of your company. What type of IT manager are you looking for? Do you want a person who is excellent with a specific type of technology system? Or do you want an individual who can organize a strategic plan for selecting technology systems for your organization? It’s important to state your needs clearly so potential candidates will know what exactly you want from them.
    • The job type: The next factor to consider is the type of job you want to offer your supposed employee. You could offer a full-time job, a part-time job, a permanent position, a temporary position, or a job based on a contract. These all boil down to what the needs of your organization might be.
    • Certifications for the role: Many IT managers undergo several courses and programs to improve their skills. If you’re looking for the best of the best, highlighting your need for these certifications might be helpful.

Format of an IT Manager Template

To succeed in writing a well-crafted description, you’ll need to follow the format in writing one. Here are the steps to use in crafting yours:

    • The introduction: This is the first section that should capture the attention of job seekers. This section should briefly state the required details of the role. These details could include job title, job type, expected salary, and so on. You should highlight each detail in clear terms.
    • Job overview: This is the section where employers will need to briefly explain what type of employee they are looking to fill the role. It should highlight the needs of the expected role and what the expectations are required of the candidate.
    • Job responsibilities: This is another section to take note of. In this case, the hiring manager needs to highlight all the duties of the employee they are looking for. You should explain what the daily activity in the position looks like. Hiring managers should also highlight how the employee will work with their team members to reach set goals across their department. You should be also specific with what skills you expect them to have to get the role.
    • Job requirements: Requirements are used to decide if a candidate is right for a role. They determine if a candidate has the relevant experience and skills that the job position requires. This should be the part where hiring managers highlight all the requirements for the job. You can also add those that aren’t compulsory but will be preferred. By doing this, candidates who don’t fit the requirements will not bother applying hence reducing the stress of the hiring process.
    • Benefits and perks: While this is not a compulsory section, it can still get the attention of top talents in the business analyst field. You should highlight what benefits packages your employees will enjoy. You should avoid saying things that are not true. If your company does not offer them, there is no need to lie about it to capture talents.
    • Call to action: Here, you’ll need to explain what next the job candidates are expected to do to start their application. Do they need to fill out a form? Or are they expected to submit some documents via an email address? Or will they take an assessment test first to start their application? This should be as clear as possible so candidates can know what to do next.

A Template for Job Description of an Open IT Manager Role

This job description template will serve as a guide when you decide to write yours:


Job Title: IT manager, mid-level
Job Type: Full-time, permanent position
Job Location: Austin TX
Salary: $80,000 annually

Job Overview

We are looking for a passionate and self-driven IT manager to work in our company. You’ll work closely with the information and technology department to provide technology services to our company. In this role, you’ll be responsible for managing the entire IT team and ensuring that company goals are met. You’ll need to ensure that the hardware and software are up to date with the trend of our industry.

Job Responsibilities

    • Oversee the entire staff of the information and technology department
    • Plan strategies that will help in business development
    • Ensure that all hardware and software used by the company is up to date
    • Implement strategies to boost technology programs
    • Define IT goals and ensure that they are reached
    • Ensure that all customer support systems are accessible to customers.
    • Ensure that all security systems are available at all times to avoid breaching
    • Ensure that all staff systems are functioning daily

Job Requirements

    • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar field is required
    • A master’s degree in the above is preferred
    • Hands-on experience of more than 4 years in IT management is a must
    • Familiarity with software systems like Windows Os and MacOS
    • The ability to commute to our office daily is a must
    • Strong work ethics
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Vast attention to detail
    • IT certifications are a huge plus


    • Laptop and other gadgets provision
    • Access to a fast and stable internet connection
    • PTO
    • Vacation coverage
    • Health and life insurance coverage
    • Access to member-only software programs

Next Steps: If you believe you’re a good fit, send your resume and cover letter to this email address: [enter email address] with the job title as your subject headline. Successful candidates will be contacted immediately.

Now that you have a good understanding of how to write an IT manager job description, you can start yours and get the top talents applying for the role.


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