Hanvon Ugee Wowed Everyone at CES 2024

Hanvon Ugee, a big digital drawing and writing name, revealed its new devices at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. They showed off their cool tech for drawing and writing to friends worldwide. If you swing by Booth #1101 at Westgate’s Tech East spot, you can check out their three cool brands and try them out!

Hanvon Ugee has made solutions for paperless signing, digital art education, and more. By teaming up with global friends, they explore endless possibilities. CES is their big stage to show off, meet people, and push for new digital drawing and writing ideas.

It’s a mega event that sets the trends for gadgets and shows us what the future might look like. The theme for CES 2024 is “All Together, All On. “This means they’re all about bringing together tech from all over the world and making it work together. It’s like a peek into the future of amazing new gadgets and how they all work together.

In 2023, Hanvon Ugee made a special pen called the X3 Pro chip stylus, which is like a superhero for digital pen lovers. Hanvon Ugee loves coming up with new ideas and being super creative! This pen is the first in the world to have 16,384 pressure levels. This means it’s super sensitive and fixes problems like lag and instability.

Hanvon Ugee has special plans for different markets and types of customers. They have three brands – Xencelabs, XPPen, and Ugee. These brands make pen tablets, pen displays, and drawing tablets. They also create amazing accessories.

XPPen, the innovative brand for digital art, is all about making awesome gadgets for Generation Z creators. They mix tech, trends, and artistic drawing tools with helping users express themselves. At CES 2024, they introduced the Magic Drawing Pad, a super useful mobile tablet.

EMR technology and the X3 Pro chip stylus give 16,384 pressure levels for a delicate and smooth drawing experience. Other popular products like Artist 22 Plus and Deco Pro XLW were also there. These were making drawing more delicate and softer with the X3 Pro chip stylus.

Ugee is the best friend for new artists entering the digital drawing world. They emit joy and diversity, offering cool drawing tools for hobbyists and educators. They introduced the Q8W Bluetooth Drawing Tablet for beginners and the Q6 Mobile Drawing Tablet for creative freedom.

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