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1. Bathroom Blis- Brix Soap Case & SHOWR Advanced Shower Water Filter  

$20 | $35  

The Brix Soap Case keeps your bar of soap safely stored and ready to use when it’s time to hit the shower. Its magnetic lid keeps the case tightly shut, while its innovative spiked base securely holds your soap in place, preventing fumbling and accidental drops. Available in 2 sizes (regular and XL), Brix fits most major brands of bar soap, shave soap, and solid shampoo bars, with 5 color options to choose from.  

Also for the shower, since water quality can have a significant impact on your skin, complexion, hair and overall health…. SHOWR, an advanced shower water filter, utilizes advanced NSF-42 technology (National Sanitation Foundation) to purify your shower water by removing impurities like chlorine, iron, and other harmful chemicals present in tap water. The SHOWR is equipped with a removable cartridge integrated with an advanced filter that’s comprised of approximately 500 layers of fine mesh fibers, making it capable of capturing ultra-fine particles ranging from 1 to 5 micrometers. Its SGS certification guarantees that it contains no harmful heavy metals. Designed to be installed between the shower arm and the shower head of your shower, it features a universal ½-inch connection that can easily fit into any standard shower arm and shower head.  

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2. AUK Starter Kit – Fully-Automatic Indoor Smart Garden Kit 

Grow culinary herbs at home with the AUK Starter Kit. This fully automatic indoor smart garden kit features 6 open-air plant pots, a 3.8 L water tank, and a full spectrum adjustable LED light that mimics natural sunlight. These 3 color spectrums are tailored to each growth stage. AUK also integrates a three-part nutrient mixer that utilizes 100% chemical-free nutrient capsules that provide your plants with all the essential nutrients and minerals for growing healthy. A smart NFC plant chip programmed with an intelligent algorithm automatically controls the system’s light, water, and nutrients. The system has a very low power consumption of just 6 kWh per month and uses 90% less water than traditional farming. The kit comes with 4 packets of non-GMO seeds (coriander, basil, leafy parsley, and arugula), plus a bag of growing substrate made from grounded coconut husks that provides the roots of your plants with plenty of oxygen and a stable pH for exceptional growth.  


3. RYSE SmartShade – Smart App-Enabled Automated Window Shades System  

$169.99 (+$69 and +$69 for add-ons)  

Manually operated window shades are a thing of the past. Integrate your current standard window shades into your Smart Home system with the RYSE SmartShade. This smart App-enabled and electric-powered device can completely automate any existing window shades that you have installed at home. RYSE features a simple DIY installation, easy-to-use built-in Button Controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and in-app Controls via the RYSE App. Additionally, you can also get optional smart add-on devices. The RYSE SmartBridge lets users connect and control up to 10 SmartShades, as well as create Group Controls and automated routines via the App, or even operate each SmartShade unit via Voice Controls. The RYSE BatteryPack allows for a completely wire-free installation of a SmartShade unit. video:  

4. Cyber Acoustics CA Essential Webcam Flex & USB & Bluetooth Computer Speaker Bar  

$129.99 | $39.99  

Whether you’re looking to host powerful presentations, conduct authentic live interviews, lead captivating webinars and live streams, or even stream engaging demonstrations, the Cyber Acoustics CA Essential Webcam Flex is your go-to solution. Designed to solve most modern meeting challenges, this sleek 5MP webcam can record FHD video at 1080p resolution. It comes equipped with an extendable arm and a swivel head, allowing you to set it up at virtually any viewing angle. It features a Center View Mode that makes it easy to maintain eye contact with your audience, plus a Table View Mode that allows you to turn your desktop into a projector for times when you’re looking to host demonstrative lessons, share documents or objects, or even live-stream. It boasts USB-A connectivity, offering you a plug-and-play setup with no software required to install it.  


As an alternative to headphones when you’re on voice calls or for listening to music, there’s the Cyber Acoustics CA-2890PRO USB & Bluetooth Speaker Bar. This computer speaker bar is powered by Dual Precision Acoustic Stereo Drivers that make it capable of reproducing high-quality sound with great clarity, plus a rear-facing bass radiator that further enhances its sound quality. It also integrates multiple microphones with Echo Cancellation technology for fully automatic voice pickup, and Smart Voice Enhancement technology to minimize background noise. Its integrated monitor mount can fit monitors up to 2” thick. Rounding out these features, this speaker bar has built-in controls, both USB-C connectivity and USB-A with a built-in adapter for connecting it to PC, Mac, or Chromebook devices, and Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity. It is compatible with most voice-conferencing Apps.  

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5. IQAir Atem Desk – Portable Personal Air Purifier for Small Spaces  


Say goodbye to dusty home spaces and hotel rooms with help from the IQAir Atem Desk. This portable air purifier is designed for personal use in small spaces such as desktops, bathrooms and bedrooms. It integrates an exclusive ozone-free HyperHEPA Air Filtration System composed of synthetic and inorganic fibers that makes it capable of effectively capturing ultrafine airborne particles as small as 0.003 microns, including common allergens and fine particulate matter (PM2.5), as well as viruses and bacteria. The Atem Desk is rated to have a 300 sq. ft. (27.87 m²) coverage area for one air change per hour (1 ACH) and a CADR of 39 CFM / 66.26 m³/h. The device is powered by a brushless DC motor that operates ultra-quietly between 20 dB to 44 dB, and also comes equipped with a proximity sensor that automatically turns it On/Off when you walk closer or walk away. It has built-in controls for selecting between its 3 fan speed settings, an LED indicator, and Bluetooth connectivity for the Atem App, which lets you adjust its fan speed remotely and control up to 4 air purifiers at a time.  


6. 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge, Sidekick V3 Generator and All-In-One Emergency Car Kit  

$897 | $499 | $349  

The 4Patriots company believes in freedom and self-reliance for its customers, which is why they offer products that suit these pillars. Take for example the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge, a high-end 3-in-1 cooler that works as a fridge, freezer, and deep freezer without requiring ice, and boasting a 42-quart (40 L) capacity. Its advanced thermoelectric technology makes it capable of reaching sub-zero temperatures as cold as -8°F (-22°C) when used as a deep freezer. It also integrates a built-in bright LED light, plus a USB-C output port for recharging your devices. The cooler’s battery supplies up to 12 hours of power, and supports both 12/24V DC charging and solar charging via its 40 Watt solar panel.  


The 4Patriots Patriot Power Sidekick is a portable mini power station powered by a cutting-edge 12.8V LiFePO 4 battery that’s rated to have a 23.4 Ah capacity, a long-lasting battery life up to 2000 cycles, and provides up to 360W of power. It integrates a built-in LED display, a bright LED light, and a multi-port panel. It features 2 Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets (110VAC), 2 USB-A 3.0 Outputs (5V/3A), a USB-C PD 30W Output (5-9V/3A) and a USB-C PD 60W Input / Output port (5-20V/3A) that support Pass-through Charging, 2 12V DC Outlets (12V/10A), plus a DC/AC Solar and Car Input (12VDC/10A) and a car cigarette lighter Input / Output socket (12V/10A). Its battery supports 4 recharging methods, including AC, DC, USB-C PD, and solar charging via its 40W solar panel, which has an extra USB outlet for charging another device. Its Quick-Time Charge Technology allows its battery to charge in just 5 hours. video:  

The 4Patriots Patriot Power All-In-One Emergency Car Kit is an expert-designed pre-assembled 95-piece car-safety kit composed by survival experts who know how to properly plan for any emergency, making it robust enough to effectively stand up against most emergency situations. The kit consists of a compact zippered carrying case that’s packed with multiple power tools, including a 14,000 mAh battery for recharging your devices, which doubles as a vehicle jump starter, plus a 150 PSI air compressor. It also includes 9 food bars and 16 4-oz. pouches of drinking water, which can last you 3 days. The kit also comes with a 45-piece first aid kit, a durable mylar blanket, 3 two-sided ponchos, 4 oxygen-activated hand warmers, a pack of alcohol wipes, and a pair of emergency gloves that have a high-quality rubberized texture pattern that provides you with a very solid grip. You also get a USB-rechargeable road-warning SOS signal light featuring 9 different light modes, a small professional-grade flashlight, 3 emergency glow sticks, a roll of PVC tape, a screwdriver kit with 24 attachments, and 3 wire brushes. There’s also an emergency triangle included for alerting drivers if you happen to have an accident. You also get 4 survival books containing all the important information and tips for preparing for any emergency.  

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7. Tech from Staples  

$199 | $99 | $159.99  

For home, work or at school, check out Staples and all they have to offer. For example, the Logitech MX Keys S Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo, which combines a wireless keyboard , mouse, and a palm rest for comfort. The keyboard features a low-profile ergonomic design for comfortable and precise typing with nearly no noise. Its keys can be programmed with secondary functions for skipping repetitive actions. The keyboard also features customizable smart backlit illumination settings via the Logi Options+ App, and hand proximity sensors. It has Bluetooth connectivity and 10 days of battery with predefined settings, or up to 5 months of battery with backlighting turned Off. The mouse integrates 7 buttons that deliver soft tactile feedback with barely any noise. Its buttons can also be programmed with secondary functions. Its scroll wheel is equally silent and can scroll 1,000 lines per second. Its 8,000 DPI 134mm optical sensor offers you super-accurate tracking on any surface, even glass. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, up to 70 days battery, and a 1-minute quick charge function for 3 hours battery.  

The Logitech Zone Vibe 100 are noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones powered by a set of 40mm speakers that deliver crystal clear audio with crisp highs, a deep bass, and very low distortion. They also integrate a swivel noise-cancelling microphone, powered by directional beamforming technology and DSP digital signal processing technology, allowing it to accurately capture a user’s voice clearly while eliminating background noises. These headphones sport Bluetooth 5.2 with Bluetooth Multipoint, compatibility with most popular video platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom, and up to 20-hours of battery.   

The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE is a high-end Non-CAS 10-digit graphing calculator approved for use on PSAT, SAT, and ACT exams. It features a high-res 10-digit backlit LED display that supports horizontal and vertical split-screen settings and several color-coding options. It can use symbols, calculate fractions, and also draw graph expressions in 7 graph styles. It also features a MathPrint Mode function, which displays most inputs and outputs in textbook format, 14 interactive zoom features for visualizing operations and graphs, plus a wide range of pre-installed Applications including: Cabri Jr., CellSheet, and more. The calculator has 3000KB of ROM memory and 154KB of RAM memory, but no Bluetooth, Wi-F, or internet connectivity to avoid distractions. It utilizes a TI rechargeable battery for power, offering up to 1 month of battery life.  

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8. Old Trapper Beef Snacks – Smoked Beef Jerky & Deli Beef Snacks  

From $15 to $216  

For times when you’re looking to treat yourself (or the family pup) to a delicious meaty snack, while not super techy, you certainly can’t go wrong with the Old Trapper Beef Snacks. These delicious beef snacks include wood-fired smoked beef jerky bits available in 3 distinct flavors: Old Fashioned, Peppered (with fresh black pepper), and Hot & Spicy (with spicy red pepper flakes), as well as beef snack sticks available in 3 delicious flavors: Original Deli, Jalapeno for a little spice, and Teriyaki for an added hint of sweetness. Old Trapper Beef Jerky is the 2nd largest beef jerky brand in the world. Each bag features its signature clear packaging that lets you see exactly the quantity and quality of the product that you are getting. Each piece of jerky is tender and perfectly seasoned.  



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