CES 2024: AI, TVs, smart home gadgets, and more to expect at the biggest tech show of the year

CES 2024, Consumer Electronic Show, begins coming Tuesday, January 9, in Las Vegas and will run until Friday, January 12. The annual tech trade show is where tech companies – big or small – all around the world showcase their latest products and innovations. Even though the event kicks off next week, some companies – LG, Samsung, and others – have already started announcing their products in the past week, and many will try to beat the conference by announcing their products before the show floor opens up.And spoiler alert, there will be a whole lot of AI. Here’s all we expect at the CES 2024 next week.
A new slate of smart TVs (and monitors)
LG and Samsung were quick enough to announce their new slate of displays coming this year ahead of the trade show. However, they will still be at the showcase on the CES show floor.
The fresh lineup of OLED TVs from LG –M4 and G4 – with an upgraded AI processor that offers four times the performance of last year’s models. The AI chip upgrades objects and backgrounds to reduce blur, and LG promises a more “three-dimensional” picture with fine-tuned brightness and contrast. We expect to learn more about these TVs at the CES. While Samsung has no new TVs, as of now, it has announced new OLED monitors for the CES 2024. These monitors include the 49-inch curved ultra-wide OLED G9 (G95SD), the 32-inch flat OLED G8 (G80SD), and the 27-inch QHD OLED G6 (G60SD). Roku, too, has announced new TVs ahead of CES next week. We expect more TVs at the CES, but there won’t be any from Sony.
Sony has broken from the industry tradition of unveiling their latest TV models at CES for the second year in a row. Instead, the company chose to wait until March of last year to introduce its 2023 lineup.
AI-enabled PCs
Intel announced a new set of chips in the Meteor Lake family, which will be present in laptops at CES. Laptop manufacturers show their newest designs and experimental ideas at CES. Dell, LG, and Razer have already announced their fresh slate of Intel-powered laptops, and others will follow at the show floor, showcasing their latest laptops equipped with the new silicon. Apart from faster chips, we expect these upcoming laptops to boast AI features, as Intel’s new chip promises to bring on-device AI computing.
New GPUs and gaming handheld(s)
It is not uncommon for CES to be the platform for a range of PC gaming announcements before Computex in the summer. This year is no exception, and there are quite a few announcements expected at the show. Nvidia is expected to announce its first RTX 40-series Super cards at CES 2024, which will be the first Super variants since the RTX 20-series. Additionally, AMD might launch its RX 7600 XT GPU later this month, possibly after CES concludes.
If not many, one handheld gaming PC is expected to be shown at the show floor, which is from MSI.
Smart(er) home gadgets
This year, smart home gadgets could get smarter as AI takes over. Samsung’s press conference titled “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI” suggests that the company has some new AI-powered gadgets coming. It has already announced smart cooktops, vacuums, and fridges with AI technology integrated, and more products are expected to be announced. LG is also joining the AI-powered home robot market with its product named “Smart Home AI Agent,” which can understand context and intentions and communicate with users.

After being in the news for years, the buzzword at CES 2024 for connected homes will be “Matter.” We can expect new smart home gadgets at the shops that will support the Matter. This could include simple smart home gadgets, like bulbs, doorbells, locks, and even some home appliances.
Cars come to tech show, the electric ones
CES is not usually a car show, but we often see car manufacturers come in and introduce the latest of their technologies. While several major car manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, are to miss out this year, we still expect some car-related announcements. Honda is coming to the show floor with its new “global EV series” and a range of in-car technology. And we expect other manufacturers — BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, and Volkswagen — to come and surprise motorheads.
XR, Spatial computing, metaverse – and everything else you can think of in virtual reality
Qualcomm has already announced its next-gen spatial computing chipset, the XR2+ Gen 2 VR chip. Not much is known about what headsets will use this chipset, so we expect to learn the same next week. Also, a word on two on the possible Vision Pro rival coming from Samsung, for which it has partnered with Qualcomm and Google. Since the Vision Pro is on the brink of launch.
Stay tuned with us during the CES 2024 for regular updates on all the news from the biggest tech show of the year.


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