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Farmington, March 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Global Cereal Ingredients Market Is Expected To Register A CAGR Of 5.2% During The Forecast Period 2022-2030. Cereal Ingredients are made from crushed and crystallized grains, which are the main ingredients in breakfast cereals and other foods. Vitamins and minerals can be added to cereal items to improve their nutritional value. This has a wide range of uses in making dietary and supplement foods and drinks. The global cereal ingredients market is growing because more people are worried about their health, more people are living in a healthy and organic way, and more people want nutrient-dense food and drinks.

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Cereal Ingredients Market Recent Developments:

  • In June 2021, General Mills invested $28 million to expand its grain production facility in Ohio. The expansion included building renovation and the installation of sophisticated equipment.
  • In May 2021, Kellogg invested about $121 million to expand its Pringles production facility in Poland. Production plant capacity increased by 34% to produce up to 60,000 tons of Pringles per year. Pringles are made from potato chips and cornstarch.
  • In October 2020, Limagrain Ingredients opened a new production line in France. The company invested $9 million to expand its existing facility, increasing production of functional grain flours and products to 15,000 tons. This amounts to a production capacity of 45,000 tons per year.

Cereal Ingredients Market Dynamics:

The global breakfast ingredients market is growing because more people are worried about their health, more people want to eat foods with lots of nutrients, and more people are becoming vegan. Plant Protein Co. did a study in the United States and found that the number of vegans would rise by 500% by 2020 compared to the survey done in 2014. Between 2018 and 2019, sales of cereal goods in U.S. stores went up by 11 percent, and the plant-based food market was worth $4.5 billion. 2021 in the United States. In the U.S. and North America, the demand for cereal ingredients is being driven by the rising use of plant-based goods.

A Kellogg study from July 2020 says that more than 47% of people in developed countries and nearly 32.8% of people around the world like cereal for breakfast. People in developing countries have a lot of people and want more breakfast cereals. This is why the cereal ingredients market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% from 2019 to 2027.
A study by Adriana Dabija et al. in the Applied Sciences Journal on April 1, 2021 says that the world’s production of beer will reach 200 billion liters in 2020. This is equal to about 18% of the world’s production of wheat, maize, maize and wheat. Barley is used in the plant to make beer and other alcoholic drinks. As the number of people who drink alcoholic drinks goes up, the demand for grain ingredients in the business that makes alcoholic drinks will go up until 2021.
Using cereal ingredients to make individually packaged foods is a big chance to boost sales in growing and less developed countries. People in low-income and middle-income countries like unit packed food because it is cheap and comes in small amounts (usually less than 5). The only way to grow the size of these markets and the number of customers in them is to make these goods in large quantities.

Regional Outlook:

The biggest market for cereal ingredients is in North America. From 2018 to 2020, the North American food and beverage business will need 3.8% more cereal ingredients. This is because more people are worried about their health and want hot cereals. In 2019, the demand for cereal ingredients in the nutraceutical industry in the area grew by 2.8%. This was due to a rise in the use of supplements.
From 2018 to 2020, there will be a 3.1% rise in the demand for cereal ingredients in the European food and beverage business. This is because more people are eating functional foods. People in the area are becoming more interested in diet foods made with oats and barley. In 2019, demand is expected to grow by 1.3%.
From 2017 to 2020, the Asia-Pacific nutraceutical industry’s growing desire for supplemental foods led to a 2.6% rise in the demand for cereal ingredients. In 2019, the demand for cereal ingredients in the food and drink business in the ASEAN region and Japan went up by 1.7%. This was due to rising health concerns and a rise in the number of vegetarians.

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Scope of Report:

Report Attributes Details
Growth Rate 5.2% from 2023 to 2030
By Type
By Applications
By Companies Kerry, ADM, Bunge, Associated British Food, ABF, Sunopta, Ricebran Technologies, Cereal Ingredients, Archer Daniels Midland, Limagrain, and Others
Base Year 2022
Historical Year 2017 to 2021
Forecast Year 2023 to 2030

Cereal Ingredients Market Key Segments Covered:

Top Market Players:
Kerry, ADM, Bunge, Associated British Food, ABF, Sunopta, Ricebran Technologies, Cereal Ingredients, Archer Daniels Midland, Limagrain, and Others.

Cereal Ingredients Market by Types:

Cereal Ingredients Market by Applications:

Regions and Countries Covered

  • North America: (US, Canada, Mexico, Rest of North America)
  • Europe: (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Nordic Countries, Benelux Union, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific: (Japan, China, India, Australia, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • The Middle East & Africa: (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, Rest of the Middle East & Africa)
  • Latin America: (Brazil, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)
  • Rest Of the World

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