Annrose Apple Watch Charger Review

I’ve tested most smart watches over the years, with the Apple Watch becoming my go-to wearable for streamlining everyday tasks. It leads the pack in style and usability. I can easily check emails, browse social media, and send messages all from my wrist. Unfortunately, the impressive OLED screen that serves as the centerpiece of each Apple Watch also drains battery life the fastest of any smart watch.

For comparison, Fitbits can often go seven full days before needing a recharge, while Withings smart watches last up to an entire month. As I began to slim down my everyday carry to just my phone, wallet, and keys, I searched for a lightweight solution to keep my Apple Watch charged up on the go. That’s where Annrose’s compact wireless Apple Watch charger comes in handy.

Magnetic Wireless Charger Power Bank for Apple Watch



  • Quickly charges Apple Watch
  • Slim compact keychain design
  • Decent battery capacity
  • Cheap-looking yellow color

This space-saving wireless power bank clips directly onto any keychain and works by induction charging; simply drop the back of your Apple Watch onto the magnetic contact point. Just a quarter of this 3-inch slim rectangular device’s battery life can charge an Apple Watch from completely dead up to 65 percent in one hour during our real-world testing. As for charging the power bank itself, that takes just under two hours using a USB-C connection. It’s a relief to know I can charge my Apple Watch no matter where I am to last the rest of the day (and then some).

My aging Apple Watch 3 can barely make it 12 hours. Be it fetching directions using City Mapper or simply browsing too many image threads on Reddit, I often found myself without a watch at the most inconvenient times. Few things feel as futile as having a useless timepiece sit on your wrist. While I can use a wall charger or charging bank with a cable, those options are bulky. Now I simply set my watch and keychain on a table while eating lunch or place it on the train seat next to me during a commute home without having to sort through my backpack and deal with wires.

apple watch charger keychain

Trevor Raab

apple watch charger keychain

Trevor Raab

The bright leather doesn’t feel cheap, but it certainly can look it—one of the only contention points I have with this Apple Watch accessory. While I’m not crazy about the aesthetic, the functionality more than makes up for it. It’s been plenty durable despite getting squished around in pockets or backpacks. I even have a knife-equipped multi-tool attached to my keychain that hasn’t been a problem, with its sharp edges slipping right off the smooth plastic charging surface. Annrose’s charger has greatly improved the usability of a gadget I utilize every day. It’s so useful that I’ve purchased a second one for my girlfriend. I highly recommend any Apple Watch owner to take a look at it.

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