Android Police’s awards for the big mobile show

The world’s biggest mobile phone show is drawing to a close, and while Mobile World Congress 2023 hasn’t been as chock-full of announcements as pre-pandemic iterations of the show, we’ve seen some reveals of exciting smartphones, interesting concept devices, and other oddities.

Here at Android Police, we’ve been exploring the show covering everything we can find from rollable smartphone concepts to phones with light-up rears that aren’t made by Nothing. We’ve put together our favorite products from MWC 2023 into our Android Police’s awards of the show, and below you’ll find our nine favorite gadgets we’ve tried out.


Honor Magic 5 ProHonor Magic 5 Pro MWC 2023

Honor used MWC 2023 to reveal two new smartphones for the global market, and while you won’t be able to buy either of these devices in the US, they remain some of the most exciting new phones revealed in 2023. The flagship Honor phone for 2023 is among them, and it’s the Honor Magic 5 Pro. It features a 6.81-inch GTPO display, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, a 5,100mAh battery, and 66W charging. There are three 50MP cameras (a main, a wide-angle, and a telephoto) that should make for a versatile setup.


Source: Honor

Honor Magic 5 Pro

As the archstone of the Honor Magic 5 series, the Pro offers three 50MP cameras on the rear, a “floating,” vivid LTPO display, refined, extra hardware for display control, laser focus, color temperature, and more. It’s a minor update from the Magic 4 Pro, but still a whole lotta phone.

Honor Magic VsHonor Magic Vs MWC 2023

The Honor Magic Vs is a book-like foldable phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. The specs aren’t top tier with the phone only sporting last year’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, but Android Police’s Google Editor Manuel Vonau has used the phone extensively, and he found it offered good performance with great battery life. There are parts here that beat the market leader Samsung, while other elements of the phone fall short of the competition. If you’re looking for a foldable that doesn’t have Samsung’s name, and you live in a part of the world where the Magic Vs will be sold, you may want to go for Honor’s €1,600 foldable.


Source: Honor

Honor Magic Vs

The Honor Magic Vs is the first Chinese folding phone to be available internationally, and it packs some serious bang for your buck. It doesn’t have a top-end chipset, but its remarkably good battery life and powerful cameras are useful.

Motorola Rizr Rollable ConceptMotorola RIZR rollable concept phone MWC 2023

If you thought the dream of rollable phones died with LG, think again. Sure, the Motorola Rizr remains firmly in its “concept phone” phase, but it’s clear the company is pushing forward on the dream of a device that can grow or shrink in your hands as necessary. The display is capable of transforming from a 5-inch pocketable device into a 6.5-inch panel, mirroring modern smartphones. It’s about as cool as it sounds — watching the display expand just as a YouTube video starts playing truly never gets old.

Of course, there are plenty of potential problems this form factor could run into should it ever hit the market. But if you’re willing to put aside any concerns surrounding durability and actual usefulness, the Rizr might just be the coolest phone at MWC this year. I mean, it literally unrolls in your hand. Hard to be too cynical about that.

Nokia G22Nokia G22 MWC 2023

The Nokia G22’s specs won’t compare to the other phones on this list, but we’ve given it an award for doing something a little different. The G22 is designed to be easily repaired when you’ve got issues with your handset. That’s something most flagship phones can’t say in 2023 as smartphone batteries are locked into handsets, and you aren’t able to repair your own phone screen with ease.

The G22 is designed to easily allow you to replace the display, charging port, battery, or rear panel without the need for specialist tools. HMD Global – the brand behind modern-day Nokia handsets – doesn’t go as far as its competitor Fairphone, but it’s a step in the right direction for offering a product that is easier to fix than your average smartphone.

OnePlus 11 ConceptOnePlus 11 Concept MWC 2023

The OnePlus 11 Concept is another device you won’t be able to readily buy, but it’s exciting nevertheless. This is the latest concept device from the company where OnePlus is showing off its prowess and new technologies in an easy-to-understand package. This time, it offers liquid cooling with what it calls Active CryoFlux technology.

Much like with PC gaming, the idea is to cool your phone to allow it to increase the frame rate. OnePlus says this should increase the frame rate by 3 to 4 per second, and while that isn’t a huge deal for most people, it’s an interesting use of tech that is normally reserved for gaming PCs. The light-up rear on the OnePlus 11 Concept also means it stands out compared to the competition and even other OnePlus phones.

Tecno Phantom V FoldTecno Phantom V Fold MWC 2023

Samsung might rule the foldable game in the US, but around the world, competition is a bit stiffer. Aside from the likes of Honor and Oppo, we’re seeing smaller companies jump into the ring. The Tecno Phantom V Fold’s main claim to fame isn’t its design or any particular software features — it’s the price. Opting for a MediaTek 9000+ SoC over any of Qualcomm’s chipsets, Tecno managed to undercut the competition by hundreds of dollars, making for one of the most affordable foldables we’ve seen to date.

The actual phone isn’t all too dissimilar from the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Magic Vs. It sports a 6.42-inch outer display hiding an expansive 7.85-inch inner OLED panel. On the back, its triple camera layout offers wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto sensors, while its 5,000mAh battery should keep you powered up well beyond a single day. But despite competing with Samsung and Honor on specs, Tecno’s foldable starts at just INR 91,000 in India — about $1,100 USD. With any luck, it won’t take long for similarly affordable foldables to launch in the US.


Tecno Phantom V Fold

The Tecno Phantom V Fold is a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 competitor with the high-end MediaTek 9000+ chipset. It comes with a much less pronounced crease and offers 120Hz displays outside and inside.

Unihertz LunaUnihertz Luna MWC 2023

It’s impossible to talk about the Unihertz Luna without addressing the elephant in the room. Yes, this phone looks a hell of a lot like the Nothing Phone 1, completely aping the Glyph interface that made the startup stand out among the competition last year. But look — a knockoff can still be pretty eye-catching, right? Unihertz’s lights are fully RGB, act as a visualizer while playing music, and, of course, display incoming notifications. And hey, with some of the company’s products on sale in the US, the Luna might even beat the Nothing Phone 2 to North America.

Xiaomi 13Xiaomi 13 MWC 2023

After launching in China late last year, the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro finally arrived for international markets at this year’s MWC. They each share similar high-end specs — Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 8 or 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage — but come in two radically different sizes. The Xiaomi 13’s 6.36-inch display is pocket-friendly and more affordable, but it’s the Xiaomi 13 Pro’s camera that left us truly impressed.


Xiaomi 13

It’s the standard-setter for the Xiaomi 13 series and it comes in a rainbow of colors. The Xiaomi 13, expected to stay within China’s borders, offers Leica-branded imaging with the star being a new Sony IMX800 sensor, Qualcomm’s all-new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, and bleeding-edge specs in a fairly compact package bounded either by a full-glass body or strengthened, leather-like “SKIN” texturing.

Xiaomi 13 Pro

Xiaomi 13 Pro MWC 2023

With a 1″ Sony IMX989 sensor and Leica lenses, the photo capabilities of the Xiaomi 13 Pro are truly impressive. From its lightning-quick shutter speed to the multiple color profiles for swapping between natural and vibrant hues, you can take some truly amazing shots. Xiaomi has also extended its upgrade policy for these phones, covering five years of security updates to better compete against the likes of Samsung. Both devices left us pretty impressed, and with their international release date on the horizon, you don’t have to wait long to try them out for yourself… if you live somewhere you can buy them, that is.

Xiaomi 13 Pro render

Xiaomi 13 Pro

The Xiaomi 13 Pro is the company’s 2023 flagship and offers the best hardware and software currently available, particularly in the processor and camera department.


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