31 Cool Office Gadgets Your WFH Setup Needs in 2024

Your office space can become significantly more enjoyable by adding a few cool office gadgets. Fact. Now, if you’re wondering “Why bother making my office more enjoyable?” Well you’re going to spend a good portion of your working life there. So, it’s worth making it as cool, comfortable, and relaxing as possible, no?

There are plenty of quirky office gadgets and toys design to get your attention. But, honestly, most are kind of lame. Who really needs an automated personal putting machine, a closet tie organizer, or a miniature bowling lane to put on their desk? This isn’t 1999, and you aren’t Clark Griswold.

Top Office Gadgets in 2024

Our gear editors and writers set out to find the cream of the crop office gadgets we actually approve. From desktop coffee makers and under-desk bikes, to heated socks and floor globes with hidden bars built in, these are our picks for the coolest office gadgets to seriously upgrade your WFH or WFW (“work from work“) setup in 2024.

Productivity & Organization

Two monitors are great, but three are even better. Powerboost your productivity for 2024 with this portable laptop monitor setup that’s guaranteed to make everyone at the cafe think you’re a hardcore gamer or a day-trading crypto bro. Oh, and did we mention it was an award winner at our 2024 Tech Awards?

If you’re still using just a keyboard and mouse to get sh*t done, it’s time for an upgrade. This ultra-portable console features a customizable touchscreen, dials, and buttons that all work with your favorite software to help you work smarter and faster.

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Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse

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Everything that makes this mouse great for gaming—a lightweight design, a water-resistant shell, and a whopping 200 hours of battery life—makes it great for your daily office productivity too. Plus, it looks so, so badass.

Glass Desktop Whiteboard

Tsj Office Glass Desktop Whiteboard

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Old-school notetaking isn’t dead yet. Add a dash of analog productivity to your workspace with this compact, backlit dry-erase board—perfect for jotting down quick thoughts or to-dos throughout your day.

Lightweight Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand

Satechi Lightweight Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand

Curb your “tech neck” before it really becomes an issue by elevating your laptop to a more ergonomic height with this lightweight portable stand. Bonus: It looks great, too, in sleek, brushed aluminum.

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Blackboard Smart Scan Reusable Notebook

Boogie Board Blackboard Smart Scan Reusable Notebook

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For creative types who like to think and note-take on the go, this “smart” notebook makes jotting down spur-of-the-moment ideas easy. The clever design is reusable, and even pairs with a mobile app to digitize, edit, and manipulate your notes and drawings.

Entr Mechanical Keyboard

Drop Entr Mechanical Keyboard

If you long for the days of old-school clickety-clack keyboards, DROP has you covered. Its ENTR Mechanical Keyboard is an ultra-premium accessory for, in the brand’s words “enthusiasts,” who take their keyboards very seriously.

Wood Headphone Stand

Samdi Wood Headphone Stand

If you’re rocking a pair of sleek noise-canceling headphones, why hide them in a drawer after you clock off work for the day? Showcase those sweet cans with this handsome wooden stand.

Ditch that $20 desk lamp you’ve been using for a decade. Lume Cube’s latest Edge Light 2.0 is a minimalist task lamp with a sleek, functional, and intuitive design. We love the razor-thin aesthetic that’s guaranteed to elevate the look of any office space.

Health & Comfort

Cubii GO Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii GO Under Desk Elliptical

Standing desks are great, but this compact elliptical converts almost any traditional desk into a “moving desk.” Now you can get your steps and a light workout in while you prepare those TPS reports.

Harmony Anywhere Pillow

Purple Harmony Anywhere Pillow

Even the best office chairs could use a little extra back support. Purple’s all-new Harmony Anywhere Pillow is a compact cushion that’s designed to go wherever you need it, so it works great as a bolster pillow. Bonus: It works great as a travel pillow, too.

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LangWater The Well Countertop Water Filter

LangWater The Well Countertop Water Filter

Elevate your WFH office space with this next-level, all-in-one countertop water system. It filters, mineralizes, and even flavors your water so you can stay hydrated like a pro all day.

Tread Heated Socks

Gobi Heat Tread Heated Socks

If you suffer from cold feet (or hands), you know it can be rough on your productivity. Treat your dogs to cozy, all-day warmth with these premium, heated electric socks.

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Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Odistar Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

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A clean office is a healthy office (and a good-looking one, too). This palm-sized vacuum is designed to dust and clean your desktop, keyboard, and all the other cracks and crevices of your messy little work cave in minutes without having to bust out a real vacuum.

Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

If you’re the sort who tends to reheat their morning coffee at least three times before finally finishing it, this mug’s for you. It features a 14-ounce capacity and 80 minutes of battery life. The best part? You can dial in the perfect temperature via the companion smartphone app.

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Fidget Cube

Joeyank Fidget Cube

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Give your fingers and brain somewhere to direct all that nervous energy while you work. Every part of this “fidget cube” opens, rotates, and twists, so you can reconfigure it endlessly to keep your mind focused on something other than how much time is left in your shift.

Aeropress Original Coffee Press

Aeropress Original Coffee Press

The only thing better than on-demand coffee at work is having your very own portable espresso press. The Aeropress is compact enough to stash in a break room drawer or even on your desktop for instant access to creating delicious shots of espresso throughout your workday.

Blue Dust Bar Globe

Zoffoli Blue Dust Bar Globe

Few design pieces class up a gentleman’s office like a classic floor-standing globe. But this model adds an extra dash of sophistication with a pop-top that opens to reveal a hidden bar inside. Happy hour mode activated.

This totally pointless toy does just one thing: Makes a really obnoxious hip-hop air horn sound on-demand. Is it silly? Yes. Is it guaranteed to simultaneously amuse you and annoy your co-workers? Also yes.

Tech Toys

Do you need a hoverpen? Probably not. Do you want a hoverpen? Almost definitely. The sleek, industrial metal design of this luxurious writing instrument is guaranteed to seriously elevate the cool factor of any desktop.

Supernova Portable Speaker

GravaStar Supernova Portable Speaker

Add a dash of modern, space-age fun to your desktop with this futuristic Bluetooth speaker. The unique, industrial aesthetic is playful, cool, and it actually sounds great, too, with 30 total watts of power.

MW09 True Wireless Earphones

Master & Dynamic MW09 True Wireless Earphones

If you work in a noisy office environment, noise-canceling headphones can be a game-changer. These true wireless earphones are among the best we’ve ever tested. They sound great, last for hours, and look pretty sick too.

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Elements Wood Look Hexagons

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons

Now 28% Off

Let’s be honest: Most office lightning kind of sucks. These wood-look light panels from Nanoleaf look amazing and pair with the brand’s own smartphone app, so you can customize everything about the display on the fly.

Personal Biometric Vault

Trova Personal Biometric Vault

Now 10% Off

From financial documents to password records to that tiny stash of “jazz cabbage” you’re saving for a rainy day, most of us have private things in our offices that we’d like to keep private. Store them all in this next-gen biometric vault that no one will ever suspect is actually a safe.

Little Astronaut Night Light Projector

Mooyran Little Astronaut Night Light Projector

Sure, it’s marketed for kids. But who cares? This adorable little astronaut is a great desktop toy for adults, too, and the fact that it’s like a miniature on-demand planetarium makes it all the more cool.

Power & Electronics

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Nulaxy Dual Folding Cell Phone Stand

Nulaxy Dual Folding Cell Phone Stand

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Fully adjustable and sized to fit any phone, this stand will instantly provide easy viewing whenever (and wherever) you need it. The best part is it folds up into itself for compact storage.

Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer

Tidy up that rat’s nest of cables and power cords with this razor-thin outlet concealer and power strip. It plugs into any standard home outlet and provides up to six total outlets wherever you need them.

Courant MAG:3 Classics Charger and Tray

Courant MAG:3 Classics Charger and Tray

Now 20% Off

Erase that mess of power cords from your desktop with this streamlined Italian leather valet tray. The minimalist design provides a clean, tasteful way to charge an iPhone and all your other MagSafe devices, too.

Magnetic Cord Holder

Smartish Magnetic Cord Holder

If your small power cords are constantly falling behind your desk or nightstand, this clever solution is just the trick. It’s a simple magnetic “sack” designed to hold your most-used cables in place right where you need them.

If you work from home, power outages can seriously crush your work day. Keep all your office-related tech humming through even day-long blackouts with this next-gen backup battery that’s small enough to tuck under your desk until you need it.

Slim Dual Charging Pad

Oakywood Slim Dual Charging Pad

Clean, simple, natural—this wireless wood charging pad is handsome enough to work with any office decor. It’s also powerful enough to keep your favorite QI-enabled smartphone, and one other device topped up throughout the day.

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