26 Best Kitchen Gadgets You Should Buy Now

Are you the next Top Chef? Did you win the blue ribbon in your state fair’s pie contest? Even if you hate cooking, these kitchen tools will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

The right tool for the job is essential, especially for home cooks. We’ll go through the best kitchen gadgets and gizmos you should buy now for various cooking tasks—from preparing a gourmet dinner to relaxing with your favorite coffee drink.

Invest in a thermometer if you want your dishes to be perfect every time. We love the Thermapen One. It reads temperatures almost immediately and turns off when you fold the probe back toward the body.

Price: $84

You can use this vacuum sealer as a food saver or even for sous vide bags. This gadget worked perfectly from the start. Order directly from Wautton—they even handle small wholesale orders.

Price: $49.90

We’ve extensively researched induction cooktops and found the Bosch Benchmark to be the cream of the crop. With flex induction, auto-chef temperature maintenance, and power boost on all burners, this is the induction cooktop you’ve been dreaming of.

Price: From $1749

Make your own California rolls or any other kind of maki with the Sushi Bazooka. Available on Amazon, the Sushi Bazooka creates perfect rolls every time.

Price: $33.25

Are you serious about your coffee? We thought our espresso machine was defective until we got this grinder from Bed Bath and Beyond. A good, consistent grind makes all the difference. You can grind into the provided sealed canister or directly into a portafilter.

Price: $199.99

Breville makes quality espresso makers. Soon you’ll be enjoying a cappuccino, latte, or just a simple ristretto. Get the Bambino at Crate & Barrel.

Price: $299.95

If you get the Cuisinart SmartStick, your soup and smoothie games will be on point! Bonus: you’ll have fewer dirty dishes to clean because you can blend right in the cooking pot. Find it everywhere, including Home Depot.

Price: From $49.95

Do you want your rice to be perfect every time, no matter what rice you use? Would you like your rice maker to play a little tune when your rice is done? This gadget takes the guesswork out of rice making.

Price: $189.49

If you keep your Kitchenaid mixer on the countertop because you use it so often, you may want to invest in these four attachments: the meat grinder, pasta roller, spiralizer, and ice cream maker.

Price: From $34.99

If you get the Kitchenaid pasta roller attachment above, then definitely get these pasta cutters, too. It will make your ravioli “perfecto come se fa”. You can get this set on Amazon.

Price: $12.99

These non-stick spatulas are dishwasher safe and are a thousand times better than the old versions. Find this set from UHOMEPRO at Walmart.

Price: $10.99

This silicone cutting board is unlike the plastic ones that slide all over your counter. It stays in place. Even better, it’s BPA-free.

Price: $29.56

13. Chef’n Lemon Juicer

Get every last drop out of your oranges, lemons, and limes with the FreshForce Citrus Juicer from Chef’n.

Price: $17.80

Who needs a special tool to julienne carrots and potatoes? Chefs’ knives are the original slicers and dicers. You can do it all by hand with these gorgeous knives by Shun.

Price: From $144

Cast iron isn’t the lightest cookware–that’s for sure. But when it comes to sauteing onions or making the “slidey eggs” trending on Reddit, a perfectly seasoned Lodge cast iron skillet can’t be beat.

Price: $19.90

They’re costly, but they’ll last several lifetimes. The stews you make in a Le Creuset Dutch oven will be the stuff of legends.

Price: From $220

If you have limited counter space, reserve it for this baby. It’s better than other coffee makers because it heats the water to the best temperature for brewing coffee. No frills, just good coffee.

Price: $329

This professional knife sharpener can convert your knives from the traditional 20-degree factory edge into high-performance 15-degree edges. Trust us—you want that.

Price: $173.60

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an excellent Microplane zester/grater.

Price: $14.99

Food scales are perfect for baking. Start measuring ingredients by weight instead of volume, and you’ll see an improvement in your breads, cookies, and cakes.

Price: $32.99

Popular chef Kenji López-Alt likes these simple plastic Y peelers, but you might like the traditional version from OXO Good Grips better. Either way, you’ll be peeling veggies at record speed.

Price: From $11.95

Is it a slow cooker like a Crock Pot? Is it a pressure cooker? Is it a yogurt-maker? Yes, the Instant Pot is an all-in-one multicooker! Choose from a variety of sizes and simplify your cooking.

Price: From $69

Colanders and strainers aren’t particularly exciting, but it’s frustrating if you need one and don’t have any on hand. Target has a good deal on a set of three.

Price: $35.59

We like this set of measuring cups and spoons because the measurements are engraved into the handles, so they’ll never rub off. Plus, the color-coding makes finding the right one easy.

Price: $18.99

These stainless steel stackable mixing bowls are legit game changers—especially if they fit nicely in your dishwasher. Buy several.

Price: $12.65

If we could only have one kitchen gadget from this list, it would be the Breville Smart Convection Toaster Oven. From toasted bread and English muffins to frozen pizza, you’ll turn to this over your regular oven because of how quickly it heats up. Save power; be green!

Price: $269.95


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