18 Great Gifts You Can Grab for Under $25

The most treasured gifts are often not the most expensive ones. If you’ve put thought into what someone would really like, you don’t have to spend a small fortune for them to love it. So in that spirit, we’ve put together this list of gifts that are $25 and under.

A lot of the gifts on this list are designed to be used every day, which will extend the warm wishes you send with them even further. There’s a wide range of things to choose from and if you decide to extend your budget, we also have suggestions for gifts under $50, under $100, under $250.

No matter what you’re celebrating, you’re sure to find something that will make a most welcome gift this year—and maybe even something for yourself!

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Light up their holidays with this tiny string light set that can turn any space into a party. The lights connect via Lightning charger and blink in time to whatever music the user plays on their phone.

The Babelio White Noise Machine looks as soothing as it sounds. Its incredibly tiny size makes it easy to take anywhere and it comes in a variety of finishes that blend in to lots of surroundings. It has fifteen non-looping sounds and fans praise its battery life.

Every year has a game that defines it and Video Game of the Year looks at each of them since 1977, the beginning of video game history. It’s hilarious, moving, educational, and always entertaining—and it’s also written by PCMag’s own Jordan Minor.

The Case-Mate Crossbody Phone Lanyard/Chain lets them carry their phone at their side. It comes in lots of varieties (like the chain that’s shown above), as well as an even fancier Chanel-like strap, or even a simple rope in beige or black. They all work with any phone case.

The Casio F91W-1 is a design classic for a reason. Since its introduction in basic black, it’s had lots of style twists, including this clear version. It comes in a variety of color combos, with most under $20.

Don’t let the Momoho Mini Bluetooth Speaker‘s size fool you. It has significantly better sound than a phone’s speakers and can be used to listen to a podcast by a lake or to turn a picnic into a party.

The Anker Bluetooth Keyboard is versatile and reliable. It works with phones, tablets, laptops, and computers; is super tiny; and has 90 hours of battery life.

There are so many kinds of cables to carry today, but with the Rolling Square inCharge X Portable Keychain Charger Cable, they’ll just need the one. It has USB-C and USB-A inputs, along with Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB outputs—and it’s all tucked neatly into a handy little keychain. This thing usually retails for $29, but you can get it for a steep discount during Black Friday.

Their favorite beverages can stay hot all day with the Wenvinda Coffee Mug Warmer. It has three temperature settings, a shutdown timer, and comes in six colors.

The Elevation Lab Go Stand holds any phone vertically or horizontally. It packs flat and is about the length of most phones so it’s easy to take to coffee shops, on planes, or just to prop up a phone on a desk in a small space.

AirTags are ironically easy to lose. Tuck them inside the Borkuana Leather AirTag Holder and that won’t happen. There are 31 eye-catching designs to choose from and they all easily clip to whatever you don’t want to misplace.

They’ll never have a moment of boredom with the Retro Game Keychain that lets them take Tetris or Pac-Man with them wherever they go.

Any magnetic surface can be a Mario game with the Super Mario Bros. Magnet Set. It features Mario and Luigi; mushrooms, turtles, flowers, and coins; as well as level details like brick platforms and sewer tunnels.

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