10 Cool Holiday Tech Gifts And Gadgets For Grandparents

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CJ Fairfield

From a heated foot massager to a wireless record player, here are 10 cool tech gifts all grandparents will love.

This holiday season, let comfort and technology go hand in hand when it comes to giving gifts to grandparents. Although sweaters, socks and blankets make for a cozy gift, level up with easy-to-use tech gifts and gadgets anyone over 50 will love.

In fact, seniors are embracing technology more than ever. According to 2023 AARP research, the average adult age 50 and over is expected to spend $912 on technology purchases, up 11 percent from 2021 and up 130 percent from 2019.

The same research also showed that eight of 10 respondents said that technology has become a necessity in their lives. Of the 3,000 people over 50 years old surveyed, 86 percent own a smart phone, 70 percent have a smart TV, 59 percent use a tablet, 31 percent have a home assistant, 28 percent own a wearable device and 24 percent have a smart home-tech device.

The survey also found that 94 percent text, 88 percent email, 74 percent are on social media and 67 percent video chat. The majority of respondents also said they’re on Facebook and YouTube.

So with most using technology in their everyday lives, amp up your gift giving this season gift your tech-savvy grandparent with a gift they’ll love.

From a collection of winter clothes with warming technology to a smart frame to a Wi-Fi-enhanced Roomba, here are 10 cool tech gifts and gadgets for grandparents for the holiday season.



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