10 Best Tech Gadgets From CES 2023 That You Can Buy Right Now

CES is the biggest technology showcase in North America, and CES 2023 just wrapped up in Las Vegas in early January. On display was tons of great tech gadgets, including items coming soon and even future technology concepts that might not see the light of day until well into the future (if at all).

But the show also included fabulous tech that can be purchased today. There were products in every category, from laptops to mobile accessories, turntables, and more. And many of them are available on Amazon either to purchase now or for pre-order with delivery soon for those who want to be among the first to get them. Shoppers can also avail of faster delivery and exclusive discounts on some items with Prime membership, and it even has a 30-day free trial.

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Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable

List Price: $599.99


  • Available for pre-order – shipping February 15, 2023

The Victrola Stream Onyx turntable stood out at the show for one specific reason: it makes it possible to wirelessly stream audio from vinyl records to a Sonos system. It can, of course, also play records as a standard turntable without the Sonos integration.

The two-speed, belt-driven turntable comes with a Victrola silicone slipmat and can play both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm vinyl records. It has an illuminated control knob for volume and playback and an aluminum tonearm with a custom-designed removable headshell. It works with an app for easy setup and can be integrated with the Sonos app, as well. Use the RCA output to connect it to non-Sonos speakers.

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Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus True Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Solution

List Price: $849.95

Man wearing the sennheiser conversation clear plus with his finger to his ear.

  • Available for pre-order, shipping January 20, 2023

Sennheiser has a reputation for amazing audio solutions. The company has been branching out of late beyond traditional HiFi headphones (and speakers) with earphones that are designed to help those who are hard of hearing. The latest model, introduced at CES 2023, is the Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus, true wireless Bluetooth earbuds that look like traditional earbuds but secretly offer speech enhancement along with noise cancellation.

Finished in black, the idea is to help enhance speakers’ voices when in noisy environments, like a busy restaurant, to help those who are hard of hearing make out what they are saying. The active noise cancellation, meanwhile, further blocks out distracting noises. Activate the Ambient Awareness mode to hear surroundings when needed. They even include a feature called Automatic Scene Detection that can determine the right speech enhancement needed based on the situation.

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Ring Car Cam

List Price: $199.99

ring car cam

  • Available for pre-order, shipping February 15, 2023

Ring already provides a wide selection of video cameras for the outside and inside of the home, including video doorbells. At CES, the company announced an expansion into the car with the Ring Car Cam, a dash cam that sits on the dashboard of a vehicle, connecting via OBD-II port, to provide live view, two-way talk, and motion detection.

Featuring dual-facing wide-angle HD cameras with night vision, the camera can capture footage while driving. Meanwhile, one that faces the cabin can keep an eye on things when the car is parked, thus helping to protect against break-ins (or at least make it easier to identify the culprit). Simply say “Alexa, record” to record and save highlights to the cloud with an optional Ring Protect Go subscription. Receive real-time notifications via the smartphone app when it’s connected to Wi-Fi in the home. Use the built-in privacy cover to block the cabin-facing camera and shut off the mic when it isn’t needed.

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HTC Vive XR Elite Virtual Reality System

List Price: $1,099

htc vive xr elite vr headset

  • Available for pre-order, shipping March 31, 2023

There’s a bit of a wait for this one, but for gamers who want to be completely immersed in the experience, the HTC Vive XR Elite virtual reality system might be worth it. Unveiled at CES 2023, the system includes a lightweight VR headset with adjustable IPD and duals along with hand controllers.

Get up to 3,840 x 1,920 high-definition graphics with an up to 100° field-of-view and quick 90Hz refresh rate, along with up to two hours of continuous power via the rechargeable and hot-swappable batteries. Use it with VR-ready PC games and enjoy navigating, clicking, dragging, scrolling, and typing using natural movements with hands and fingers.

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Bev By Black+Decker Cocktail Maker Machine

List Price: $299

black and decker bev

At CES 2023, Black+Decker revealed a cordless version of this machine that is ideal for use while camping, RVing, or simply to easily move it around. But for the home bar or kitchen, the standard bev by Black+Decker machine will suit most people. It works similarly to single-cup coffee makers except instead of inserting a coffee pod, it uses Bartesian-branded cocktail mix capsules to mix with favorite spirits.

Connect bottles of favorite spirits to the five connectors (the cordless version comes with refillable bottles) then simply insert a desired capsule. Select the desired drink strength, and the machine will do its thing, rinsing at the end of each cycle. There’s even a Party Mode that displays an LED light show. The cordless version is neat, but for those who want to connect standard 750mL bottles directly and don’t plan to move it around, the original bev is still a great option.

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Catalyst Total Protection Case For iPhone 14 Pro

List Price: $99.97

Deal Price: $89.99

catalyst total protection case

  • Also available for iPhone 14, 14 Pro Max, older models

The iPhone 14 Pro might already be technically water-resistant, but the Catalyst Total Protection case quite literally adds another layer of protection, and even comes with a handy carabiner for carrying it in hand.

The bumper case offers not only protection for the back and sides of the phone but also the front through tempered glass. It’s anti-shatter and scratch-resistant and will resist fingerprints, stains, and smudges, as well. The stand-out feature is the neat side dial for muting and unmuting volume, which eliminates the need to dig fingers inside a hole to reach the button.

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Kensington SD1700P USB-C Dual 4K HDMI Docking Station

List Price: $149.62

kensington dock with charger

One of many new computing peripherals Kensington introduced just prior to CES 2023 and had on display at the show is the Kensington SD1700P USB-C dual 4K HDMI docking station. It not only allows for connecting a variety of devices to a laptop or computer, but also doubles as a wireless charger for a mobile device: simply place the phone, wireless earbuds, or other device atop the Qi charging pad and it will begin recharging.

The dock itself works with any USB-C-based laptop, including Windows and Mac, as well as iPads, Samsung DeX-enabled devices, and more. It has two HDMI ports for desktop set-ups along with a pair of USB-A ports, one USB-C, and ethernet. Plus, it’s small and light for easy packing in a backpack, briefcase, or purse.

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BenQ Zowie XL2566K 24.5-inch Gaming Monitor

List Price: $735.07

benq zowie monitor

  • Also available in 27-inch size
  • Available with various refresh rate options

Gamers will be clamoring for the latest model in BenQ’s Zowie line of monitors, the XL2566K, which comes in an ample 24.5-inch size (a larger model is also available). Particularly ideal for e-sports, it includes up to a blazing fast 360Hz refresh rate along with Motion Clarity DyAc+ to help reduce motion blur.

Offering 1,080p resolution and a custom quick menu along with S Switch, it is fully adjustable in both height and tilt. The smaller base provides more room on the desk for other items while the design allows for a fully immersive PC gaming experience.

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Twinkly Starter Kit

List Price: $89.99

Deal Price: $66.84

twinkly starter kit

  • Available in black, white
  • Twinkly Line Extensions also available

Italian company Twinkly had a stunning booth at CES 2023 to show off its lighting technology and introduced an Entertainment Hub desktop application (coming soon) to sync audio with the visual light show on its compatible lights. For those new to the brand, the Twinkly Starter Kit is the perfect way to get a foot in the door with the concept before looking at this new addition.

This kit includes a magnetic LED light strip with RGB LEDs that is extendable up to five feet. Designed for indoor use, once set up, they are easy to control using the Twinkly app to adjust patterns, colors, and more. Ideal for under-counter use in the kitchen, for example, or to add fun effects to a gaming or living room, this set can be expanded with other Twinkly lights over time.

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Shokz OpenRun Pro Open-Ear Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sports Headphones

List Price: $179.95

shokz openrun

  • Available in black, beige, blue, pink
  • Available in standard or mini size

Technically, these aren’t new, but Shokz did showcase the OpenRun Pro sport headphones in its booth at the show. The idea behind these is that they wrap around the back of the head and fit over the earlobes, then sit beside the ear canals rather than go into them. This allows the wearer to comfortably hear the music along with surroundings without blocking ears.

The sound is favorable and there’s a slight vibration as it works using bone conduction technology that wearers get used to over time. Get up to 10 hours of music listening and calls per charge, which is enough for a week’s worth of morning runs. A quick charge gives an extra 1.5 hours after just five minutes – long enough for a morning run, bike ride, or commute home.

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